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  1. [ubuntu] Re: ASUS zenbook won't recognize laptop display when boots with external plugged in.

    I'll add also, that if I boot with the laptop plugged in with the external, and then want to go mobile with my laptop, I have to restart. Pulling out the HDMI doesn't help the laptop to recognize...
  2. [ubuntu] ASUS zenbook won't recognize laptop display when boots with external plugged in.

    I've got 12.10 running here, when I boot the laptop without any external attached, and then plug in my monitor to the HDMI port, the desktop will split between the two monitors. However, if I boot...
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    [all variants] Sync RSS Readers Accross Platforms

    I really like using thunderbird for RSS reading. However, I just picked up a little MSI wind running XP and my dell xps1530 runs intrepid. I'm planning on using both computers quite a bit and I was...
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    [ubuntu] Open Office Documents Not Printing

    Hey all,

    This problem could be with so many places/things that I wasn't sure where to start, or even how to go about debugging.

    I am hooked up over LAN to a Toshiba eStudio 850 priter/copier. ...
  5. [all variants] Re: How to disable 'Idiot Proofing' in Intrepid

    Setting a static IP is fairly simple. Right click on the networkmanager applet in the system tray and click edit connections. Find the connection you are interested in, click edit, go to the IPv4...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Installing windows xp AFTER ubuntu 8.10, partition detecting error

    XP installation disks don't often recognize newer hardware...for example, SATA drives. I had a similar problem, maybe this will help

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    [ubuntu] Re: AWN exits, not sure why

    I've got AWN working just fine, compiz is enabled...I love compiz.

    But occasionally it is quitting, i'm not sure why. I think it may actually be that I'm pressing Alt-F4 while the focus is set...
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    [ubuntu] AWN exits, not sure why

    Hey all,

    I've been using Avant Window Navigator for a Dock-like experience and I've been having a little problem with it. It closes! I'm not sure when, or why...but sometimes I'll put my mouse...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Auto Complete in terminal w/ up arrow

    Thanks folks! These are all very helpful responses.
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    [ubuntu] Getting around filter's at work

    At work the IT guys have blocked some very important things like youtube, facebook, and most ridiculously ".zip" files. I have an "always on" desktop running 8.04 at home.

    I believe a friend of...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Auto Complete in terminal w/ up arrow

    no love?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Google Gadgets Issue


    ggl-gtk -ns

    instal of ggl-gtk

    that will disable the sidebar.
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    [ubuntu] Auto Complete in terminal w/ up arrow

    Hey all,

    I used to do a lot of work in MATLAB and it had one really nice feature in its command line.

    Let's say I was doing some conversions in mencoder 2 days ago, and I have trouble...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: /home on its own partition, Nautilus weird


    thanks, man, I much appreciate it.
  15. [ubuntu] Re: /home on its own partition, Nautilus weird

    Here's the output of ls

    drwxrwxrwx 3 mike mike 4096 2008-12-26 16:52 Desktop
    drwxrwxrwx 6 mike mike 4096 2008-12-26 15:36 Documents
    drwxrwxrwx 2 mike mike 4096 2008-12-26 15:15...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: /home on its own partition, Nautilus weird

    nope...nothing in there.

    I tried the view menu - show hidden files and a few other things show up:

    .gnome2 (directory)
  17. [ubuntu] Re: /home on its own partition, Nautilus weird

    Oh, I checked gparted, and I forgot about 1 detail,

    I did definitely mount /home/ on a seperate partition, but it is ext2 not ext3, because I read somewhere it was easier to mount ext2 on...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: /home on its own partition, Nautilus weird

    Thanks for the quick response,

    Yea, it reads /home/mike

    here's 2 screenshots, one of my home directory selected with no content inside, and the other with a directory in the home folder...
  19. [ubuntu] /home on its own partition, Nautilus weird

    Hey all,

    I just reinstalled Ibex on my Dell XPS 1530 after deciding I wanted to dual boot.

    This time, I put my home directory in its own parition so that my documents and stuff could be more...
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    [all variants] vmware server login

    Hey all,

    I'm trying to set it up so that VMWare Sever 2.0 loads on a particular workspace when I start up Ubuntu.

    I generated a shortcut using the vmware web interface and have that run at...
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Grub for different hardware configurations

    Nobody has any thoughts? Its essentially doubling my reboot time just to use my monitor.
  22. [ubuntu] Grub for different hardware configurations

    I use 8.1 on my dell xps 1530 laptop, and I take it with me to work every day. But when I'm at home, I like a second monitor. I 2 copies of xorg.conf, the 1 display case,...
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    [ubuntu] Hard Drive Problems?

    Hey all, I have a dell xps 1530 laptop that originally dual booted between vista and 8.04. Lately I've been having a few little problems that I think might all be related.

    A few nights ago, my...
  24. [ubuntu] Different Cables, different resolutions?

    I have to computers running ubuntu 8.04

    1) is a Dell XPS 1530 laptop with a envision 2nd monitor on which I run a second x session.

    2) An older dell dimension desktop attached to my Vizio XVT...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Dual Boot, lost Vista!

    I popped that Vista recovery disk in and clicked "repair" the computer did its thing, restarted, and problem solved! Grub boots into either OS no problem. Thanks a bunch.
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