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    Re: What is your opinion on Snaps?

    There was a long thread about this a few months ago. Please check that out.
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    [server] Re: Windows cant access \\serverip

    All connection problems come down to 4 things:

    IP connectivity - the systems can ping each other by name and by IP address
    Firewalls aren't blocking - there should be logs for any blocked...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Old ubuntu laptop as print server

    Networking is networking. Wired or wifi should work fine, provided the laptop has a static IP, runs CUPs, and the laptop can print to the printers. I have a desktop doing the same thing. I just...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Unabel to Mount Network Drive

    That isn't a valid smb.conf file. Run testparm and post the output, please.
    Look through the log files. These are probably in /var/log/ and /var/log/samba/

    If "All Windows machines have no issue...
  5. [lubuntu] Re: Internal drive partitions listed as removable

    Anyone with a Raspberry-Pi running Lubuntu could check this. Here's what it looks like on a r-pi v2 with a microSD and NFS mount with rasbian:

    $ df -Th
    Filesystem Type Size Used...
  6. [lubuntu] Re: Internal drive partitions listed as removable

    I think it is probably a bug in whatever program is being used by Lubuntu to display this stuff. Is that Thunar?
    I say this assuming the fstab file shown is the correct file with the correct...
  7. [xubuntu] Re: Add a search function to applications menu?

    I donít think that is possible with most DEs. At least it isn't built-in.
    A good WM will support custom addons, which can do anything you can program through a script.

    However, you can open a...
  8. [ubuntu_mate] Re: How to do this safely :: Delete first OS partition to expand second OS

    Or use any Ubuntu Desktop Installation ISO in the "Try Ubuntu" mode, which includes a current gparted version.

    BTW, I would have responded 2 days ago, but without code tags, it is too easy for me...
  9. Re: Remmima under WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux)

    Unix systems require a compatible display server to work. That usually means X/Windows. WSL doesn't provide that. Commercial options are usually about $150 for Windows. Linux desktop distros...
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    Re: How to understand 20.04 networking?

    if you want control disable avahi, resolvconf, systemd.resolved, purge network manager and configure all the settings in /etc/netplan/ and resolv.conf manually.

    Some things will stop working, but...
  11. Re: Closing a folder right after opening a file

    Why not just open the file without opening the directory?
    I must be missing something in your workflow.

    You can open most files from the program that can read that file by passing the filename...
  12. [lubuntu] Re: Internal drive partitions listed as removable

    +1 on swap --> none for the mount point and
    +1 for the last '2' being a '0' for both swap AND the EFI partition. The meaning of those numbers is spelled out in the fstab manpage, BTW.

    I don't...
  13. [kubuntu] Re: fstab no longer mounting nfs shares at boot

    I played with x-systemd.automount and it seemed to work, but it never umounted the mount, which bothered me. When I take a laptop off the home network, I'd like not to worry whether it had NFS...
  14. Re: is it true that ubuntu's updates are slower to be released than fedora's updates?

    Turtle vs hare question. Pick whichever you prefer.
  15. [lubuntu] Re: Internal drive partitions listed as removable

    There is a setting in the fstab for each mount that can make them not show up in any GVFS-type GUI program. I don't know if Qt supports that or not. It would start with x- ..... in the fstab. Need...
  16. Thread: Using 10.04 now?

    by TheFu

    Re: Using 10.04 now?

    There must be at least 20 remote root attacks against 10.04 today. These are well-known and scanned constantly on the internet.

    Feel free to use any OS you like on a non-networked system or on a...
  17. Re: recommended install image for Pinebook Pro?

    That's specialized HW. Best to stick with distros you find on their support website.
    Other Pine64 OSes weren't generic either. Only expect distros created for the platform to make use of the...
  18. Re: Is is possible to restart GlobalProtect GUI via CLI?

    For commercial products, best to ask for help through their support channels.
    Most of the people in these forums won't have much direct experience with commercial programs. My old job forced only...
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    Re: check for upgrade

    sudo apt update

    On 20.04, after running that command above, there will be a message with the command to run should any packages be available for upgrades to get the list. Just have to read the...
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    Re: Frequent system freezes

    Testing. Vast testing. Less isn't sufficient on low RAM systems. More is wasted on high RAM systems. Specialized workloads can require specific changed. That size is for normal people doing normal...
  21. Re: how does remote desktop give improved performance?

    LXDE is dead, isn't it? They switched to LXQt. A DE is 100% optional. Can just run a window manager, WM. Openbox is minimal, but behaves in a way Windows users won't hate. Or make the jump to i3...
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    Re: Frequent system freezes

    Do you really use XDMCP? I haven't seen that in over 20 yrs.
    I don't use systemd-resolved. It was causing problems so I purged it along with resolvconf and manually setup the /etc/resolv.conf files...
  23. Re: Assigning old home folders to fresh install

    More detailed facts please. Less abstract ideas needed.

    There are 3 considerations.

    fstab mount location
    passwd entry for each userid (or if using ldap user management, getent passwd)
  24. [SOLVED] Re: [Question] Help Please. Kubuntu 20.04 NO GUI - Boot stuck at "Finished update UTM

    Sounds like the GPU is failing or just needs to be reseated or has a bad power connection. A flaky PSU can cause this type of behavior.
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    Re: Help enabling 2nd monitor in xorg config

    The only reason that I'd prefer /etc/X11/... over /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/ is because I backup everything in /etc/, but I backup NOTHING /usr/share/.
    Functionally, it wouldn't matter.
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