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    [SOLVED] video editor with titles

    Can anyone suggest a video editor or movie maker or other software that allows me to make and edit titles? I need this for a film/video class. I just need to make simple titles with text and simple...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: ubuntu 10.10 software installation problems

    If this hasn't been fixed yet:
    I had the same problem. I was told to enter "sudo apt-get update" into Terminal.
    (Without quotes of course) This has worked well for me in both the desktop and...
  3. Re: software center source not authenticated

    Thank you both! Software Center is working perfectly!
    Verbeck: Sorry, I'm not sure what a repository is.
    Thanks for taking the time to help a newb like me. :-P
  4. software center source not authenticated

    I am using Ubuntu Netbook Edition installed inside Windows xp. When I try to install programs from Ubuntu Software Center, I get a message telling me that the source is not authenticated. The...
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