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    [ubuntu] Wifi & Proxy set-up in Intrepid


    We're holding a Barcamp event at RMIT Vietnam.

    Due to security concerns, the university only allows us to connect to the Internet through a proxy.

    Basically, when at the university, I...
  2. [edubuntu] Re: LTSP thin clients or tradition fat client network?

    thanks, I'm heading for the mailing list. It's good to know from a real example :)
  3. [edubuntu] LTSP thin clients or tradition fat client network?


    I'm working on a proposal that tries to build a computer lab for disadvantaged children in my city. I realize that Edubuntu is the way to go as I'm a Ubuntu user and an open source advocate.
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    [edubuntu] Can Ubuntu make a difference in Vietnam?

    Dear friends,

    My name is Hung and I'm an undergrad pursuing my degree in International Business at the Foreign Trade University, HCMC, Vietnam.

    I have been working at the 15 May School...
  5. [ubuntu] PM: Hibernation doesnot work when battery runs down

    Hi people,

    I'm currently on an Asus A8HE laptop with Hardy.

    Hibernation and Suspend work fine except for the following problems:

    1. Sometimes when the computer returns from hibernation,...
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