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    [ubuntu] Stuttering WD External USB Drive on Lucid

    This is strange. After never having any issues on Karmic with my WD 250g usb drive formatted as ext3; now with Lucid, the drive stutters when I play music using rythmbox. The disk light starts going...
  2. [ubuntu] Virtualbox PUEL, keyboard, and bidirectional clipboard

    Hi guys-

    I did a bit of research before on this and basically found that many people are reporting that the keyboard for a guest like my Win7 guest does not come back after a suspend event and if...
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    [ubuntu] Karmic, Thinkpad T60 suspend resume

    Just about 99.9 percent works with Karmic on this T60. Well maybe 95.9 percent or something like that. On the suspend/resume front, this seems to be a regression of sorts. On the precious version,...
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    Re: mailto links and firefox 3.5.2 install


    I'll give this a try here in a bit and report back. Thanks for the response.
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    mailto links and firefox 3.5.2 install

    I'm getting this message about security and ssl which I've searched in a few places on google and found this page describing it:
  6. Thread: Which laptop

    by mperry

    [ubuntu] Re: Which laptop

    I know you selected one already; but I thought I'd add that I've used Ubuntu for awhile now with zero issues on the IBM Thinkpad T43 models. They're relatively cheap and are workhorses and have the...
  7. [other] How to derive vmware server guest IP address and MAC

    Hi all-

    I'm building a demo environment using VMWare Server 1.0.8 on Ubuntu 8.10 server. I have built a basic web environment to launch, manage, and stop vmware guests. What I'd like to do is...
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    [ubuntu] Re: What hardware configuration for Thinkpad T400

    I've got the T500 which is a cousin I'm gathering. I've had relatively few problems with Ubuntu 8.10 32bit. I'm user the atheros drivers for wifi on this laptop. Suspend, video, sound all work across...
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    [ubuntu] Re: What NAS HD for Ubuntu?

    I've generally had good luck with the Buffalo Linkstation systems. I've also hacked a few of them and put Debian on them to expand their functionality. There are community websites which also tell...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Dell Mini 9 and wired Networking

    Revert to the older kernel and the wired interface works fine. There is a kernel image I just saw the other day which I have not tried yet. I just boot to the older kernel on my Dell mini and wired...
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    [ubuntu] Re: LCD brightness low after suspend

    This happens to me too on a T500 Lenovo Thinkpad. I don't run Wine applications so for me its when the backlight goes off after awhile on AC power or after suspending. I'd love to know the script or...
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    [ubuntu] Re: ThinkPad T500 Issues and Working

    Yeah, I have the issue with the screen display thing. I have not been able to find a way to deal with it at a programmatic level so I either just use the screen brightness thing on the keyboard or...
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    [ubuntu] ThinkPad T500 Issues and Working

    The thinkpad t500 is a nice laptop and I have about 95% figured out after a shambles of an install which required chrooting, adding a kernel that never did work, rebooting a few times. I'm running...
  14. [all variants] Re: What lightweight/ultraportable laptop/netbook are you using?

    I'm using a Dell Mini 9 with a self-installed ubuntu 8.10 with the ubuntu netbook remix. I like it overall except the last kernel upgrade in 8.10 land kills the wired ethernet interface. I have a...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can't install ubuntu! Please help!

    Be sure you follow the advice for the graphics chipset on the thinkwiki website for the T400. I just did a Ubuntu 8.10 install on my new t500 and got trapped by kernel panics and not mounting the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Getting Rockbox to work with Rhythmbox

    I have a rockbox'ed 5th gen ipod. I select not to have any graphical programs open when I connect it and I turned off the entry in gconf editor to automatically mount external drives. Then I create a...
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    [kubuntu] Re: Keyboard repeat rate dddriving me crazzzy

    I have the same issue on 2 Thinkpad T43s and a Shuttle Glamor X64 box running 8.10. I tried the kbdrate fix and it works but... When my laptop comes out of suspend it feels like it did before I ran...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: OpenVPN - Can't ping/access servers on local network from client.

    I've had to set a few simple networking changes to make other systems on the same subnet as my openvpn server reachable from my ubuntu or xp client. Here the things I did to make it work:

    echo 1 >...
  19. [ubuntu] Re: Connecting to the Internet via USB from WM6 PDA

    I just did this actually. I have a HP IPAQ 110 which is just a pocket PC and no phone. It does have wifi. Here is what I did:

    1) Follow the guide for synce installation at...
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    [ubuntu] Re: ipod or other portable media player

    I've had very good luck with my 80g video ipod and ubuntu. I turned off auto mounting and installed rockbox on the IPod since I prefer to just see the music without some messy ipod database...
  21. Re: [HowTo] Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment - LXDE is back!

    Hello and thanks for this announcement. I had not heard of this project before and I have an older Sharp Actius MM10 Transmeta powered laptop which suffers a bit with modern environments. Seems...
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    Re: [HowTo]: Fix suspend and hibernate on laptops

    I just installed the uswsusp from Debian Lenny which does have the s2ram package and changed the hal scripts. I noticed that the s2both script produces the same result. It snapshots the system but...
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