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  1. Re: Can this long lived problem be fixed?

    I'll be delighted to delete the account I'm posting from now,
  2. Re: Can this long lived problem be fixed?

    (1) If you try to create an account with the name "charliehubuntu", it says the name is in use.

    (2) I only want, and have ever only wanted, one and only one account. Something happened to it, and...
  3. Can this long lived problem be fixed?

    There is a forum account which I created, which is dead, has been dead for many years, because I can't access it any more and I don't know the email address so I can't change the password. I've been...
  4. Re: How To: Command-Line Email as Simply as Possible

    send-mail: account default not found: no configuration file available
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    Re: Why doesn't forum search work?

    Why does a search for nm-applet return nothing? I've tried "search topics" and "search entire posts", quotes, no quotes...

    google nm-applet returns many hits, as would be...
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