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    Re: should i learn node js

    Because compiled C is so much faster, it isn't even funny. Almost any compiled language wold be faster.

    Javascript is scripted and slow. NodeJS is great for lightly used sites, say 1-2 thousand...
  2. Re: RAID/disk array card problem with identifying disks

    Usually, the SMART data will have all the disk errors enumerated. Check that first. For HBAs, the best answer is to move a disk one-at-a-time to a different controller and see if that disk shows the...
  3. Re: Lubuntu 18.04, problems loging in with Teamviewer 15

    Don't use teamviewer? I've never used it for a few security reasons.

    Instead, use ssh or x2go, which requires ssh to work. After all, ssh is how Unix systems securely communicate and xfer files...
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    Re: no wired after file system error

    First, please don't post images. Use the copy/paste and post text here. People who use screen readers or pay by the byte for internet will thank you.

    B550-f strix uses a new Intel Ethernet NIC,...
  5. [lubuntu] Re: Trying to install to an i386 Dell with 250GB disk succeeds then boots to Grub Res

    My mirror only shows amd64 ISOs for Lubuntu.

    No i386 versions (which are actually i686). If you cannot find an i386/i686 ISO, then...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 16.04 Vps ip hide - change 5 min.

    You can script anything, but random IPs cannot be used without coordination with the network administrator.

    Public IPs can't ever be randomly assigned in the IPv4 public address space.
    On a...
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    [ubuntu] Re: How do I save a service file in 20.04?

    Use sudoedit /path/to/location/required.

    Or you can copy paste from stdin through a tool with elevated permissions to the output file location. This is one of those techniques that are hard to...
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    Re: Adding a HDD to LVM?

    More compact output:

    sudo pvs
    sudo vgs
    sudo lvs

    Spanning LVs across multiple disks is asking to lose all the data on both, especially with a USB connection. Hope doesn't happen to you like...
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    Re: I/O error at end of dd backup

    A full tape?

    If corruption could be causing the issue, try using ddrescue. ddrescue is dd, but it won't stop due to read or write failures. I've never tried it with a tape drive either.
  10. Re: NVME keeps crashing and causing file system errors

    Intel® I225-V 2.5Gb Ethernet is the issue. Seems the intel drivers for it need more time to simmer. ;(

    No clue about the SSD. Besides saying to...
  11. Re: Where can I learn most used Ubuntu Commands?


    The "why" is usually more important than the actual commands, but learning what is possible, when to use the commands, with techniques that aren't intuitively obvious is much harder. A...
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    Re: Permissions for external harddrives usb

    Network file systems and permissions are controlled by the server of the storage. What server and how is it being mounted?
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    Re: Permissions for external harddrives usb

    First things first, please post using text, not images. I can't copy/paste parts of images to ask more questions, get clarification. Any terminal program you are using supports copying the text. ...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Postfix setup sending emails but cannot send emails with client

    Did you setup port forwarding on the wan router?
  15. [UbuntuGnome] Re: Start up script to run an app is not working properly

    root/root are not permissions. That is just the owner and group. What are the permissions? ls -al shows it. Any script must have execute permissions to be run, depend on the language used, and the...
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    [other] Re: Were is "cd //" documenmted ?

    For all programmers, if you always use '/' as your directory separator, it works on all the popular OSes, including MS-Windows. Has for decades.

    Every shell I've used - probably all the popular...
  17. Re: Where can I learn most used Ubuntu Commands?

    No offense taken. Everyone has a point of view to share. There's no way to know what will "click" for any OP. The different perspectives are good, I hope. Once an OP makes a clear choice on the...
  18. [UbuntuGnome] Re: Start up script to run an app is not working properly

    is probably the wrong path.
    /usr/bin/env is what you need.

    Always use sudo visudo to modify the sudoers. It checks for problems in the changes.

    What are the permissions on ...
  19. Re: How I can Run Ubuntu and Wondows Simultaneously?

    Only 1 other OS? That seems like a little under-use for most current hardware.

    $ virsh list
    Id Name State
    1 ...
  20. Re: Where can I learn most used Ubuntu Commands?

    I use the commands located in


    on my systems. Each of those has a manpage which provides the official documentation for the command. Manpages are...
  21. Re: What is the minimum hardware requirement for Ubuntu Setup?

    There is little difference between a "desktop" and a "server" internals on Linux, but there is 1 huge difference. "Server" doesn't have any GUI, so if you aren't already comfortable managing a...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Difference in LAN paths

    Probably want to use autofs to mount only when requested. Then the storage can be treated like local storage.

    sshfs is another option, but much slower because ssh encryption.
  23. Re: What should be the platform from Web development newbie.

    What languages?
    What sort of programs?
    Are they micro-services, normal REST APIs, or full web-apps for end-users?

    I consider any IDE to be a mistake. A programmer who can be efficient with a...
  24. Re: Samba continues to fight me at every turn

    # NOTE: Whenever you modify this file you should run the command
    # "testparm" to check that you have not made any basic syntactic
    # errors.
    Did you do that?

    Did you set the samba password...
  25. Re: DNS Records Configuration - Email Going Straight to Spam Box???

    The MX looks fine to me.
    The SPF looks fine to me.
    I don't use DKIM.

    TLS has always been automatic for postfix. A few years ago, I made it mandatory for all connections. My email server doesn't...
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