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  1. [SOLVED] apcaccess "Error contacting apcupsd @ :3551: No such process"

    I solved my problem, but I figured I'd post it anyway in case it helps others.

    I was having a strange issue with my Mythbuntu 16.04 box and apcaccess.

    When I ran apcaccess (regardless of...
  2. Re: Ubuntu fails to read DVD in external drive but reads CDs

    Have you tried the USB drive on the Windows machine to see if it works there? To rule out the drive being faulty.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Does Ubuntu respect presence of SSDs?

    Wear leveling count is more a function of how much data is written as opposed to number of times the drive has been formatted/reused.

    Formatting the drive or partition (which in most cases only...
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    Re: right-click in a web browser

    Disabling right click is just plain rude. Anyone who does that is liable to see javascript disabled in my browser for their site. Or I'll create a greasemonkey/tampermonkey script to restore the...
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    Re: Native ssh in Windows10

    Windows 10 has a native ssh? Wow... never knew that. Just tried it and it works! Maybe I don't need Putty after all.
  6. [ubuntu] Re: my boot time is slow or normal for my laptop specs?

    Laptop HDDs are optimized for power consumption/battery life, not speed, so slower boot times are normal.

    If you want fast boot times, install a SSD.
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    Re: Why are you a active forum member

    I come here for support especially after I've upgraded a box or three. There's always those little issues and glitches to work out and this community is great for that.

    I also try to help out...
  8. Re: how do I completely uninstall all of these with the Terminal?

    Add --purge to autoremove to completely purge the dependencies:

    sudo apt purge openshot
    sudo apt --purge autoremove
  9. Re: Can an address book get compromised in Ubuntu?

    Seems like everything's been compromised at one time or another. Years ago Facebook was compromised and I still get spam emails "from" friends I've had.

    An advantage of using separate email...
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    [ubuntu] Re: system program problem detected

    Clear the crash reports folder with sudo rm /var/crash/* and the error should go away.

    If it comes back again something new crashed and probably should be investigated further.
  11. [SOLVED] Re: Can ClamAV Scan inside VirtualBox Folder?

    Virtualbox volumes are files* but a virus scanner on the host OS won't know how to open them as a file system. Your best bet is to run an AV inside the VM. It should be able to update provided the...
  12. [SOLVED] Re: How delete folder with hard links (from rsnapshot)

    You're only deleting the backups in hour.0. The original files will still be on the servers/original locations (if you haven't deleted them from there separately).

    The purpose of the hard links...
  13. Re: continue python 3 program running after except

    When an exception occurs, execution continues at the except line for the associated exception. Afterward, it continues at the end of the try block, so in your case it will go directly to the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Prevent owner:group From Changing?

    Run the command id from a shell on both your Pi and your other system you use the drive on (I'm guessing an Ubuntu system since you're posting here)

    On one you'll probably see something like: ...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Why does my sys log show only one day of records?

    Logrotate rotates the logs daily so /var/log/syslog contains today's entries, /var/log/syslog.1 contains yesterday's, then older ones are gzipped, so syslog.2.gz will be 2 days ago, etc.

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    [SOLVED] Re: Mounting problems

    After creating the partition you need to format it to the desired filesystem type such as ext2 or ext4.

    sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb1

    Or if you don't want journaling on your flash drive, use...
  17. Re: a feature i would like to see added to shells like bash

    You can use mkdir -m <mode> to create directories with specific permissions. For example, mkdir -m 0755 mydir.

    To make this the default, create an alias: alias mkdir='mkdir -m 0755' You can add...
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    Re: Cannot get Crontab to work

    EFI partitions have to be FAT (vfat) AFAIK. It's only used for booting, there's no need to worry about Linux ownerships/permissions there. You don't even need to back this partition up since it...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Breaking a TCP connection

    What is the local process? Many will close gracefully on a SIGTERM signal, and disconnect the connection cleanly. SIGHUP may also close cleanly depending on the application. Of course using...
  20. Thread: Puppy linux

    by kpatz

    Re: Puppy linux opened fine for me. Try from a private/incognito window in case it's an addon or extension blocking it. Also try from another device or browser if you have one.
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    Re: Want to boot to BusyBox

    fsck is a program that checks and fixes errors in your file system. It makes no difference whether you run it from bash, busybox, or whatever. The only requirement is that the filesystem isn't...
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    Re: Cannot get Crontab to work

    The first line in the script should read #!/bin/bash not #! bin/bash .

    Also have it log the output to a file so you can see what errors you're getting, if any. Change the crontab to read:

  23. [SOLVED] Re: Left click on mouse unpredictably highlights whole words and sentences

    Failing mouse button perhaps? Can you try the mouse on a Windows computer and see if it does the same thing? Or try a different mouse in Ubuntu

    Opening up the mouse and squirting a little Deoxit...
  24. New Windows Terminal - suitable PuTTY replacement?

    Microsoft is offering a new terminal application for Windows 10 (available in the May 2019 update from the Windows Store). It supports tabs, and can co-exist in tabs alongside Windows command...
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    Re: Massive guests online

    It would be interesting to see the user-agents and IPs of these supposed "guests". I think only admins, and maybe mods, can see these.

    Another possibility is that the vBulletin session table...
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