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    [SOLVED] Re: Energy consumption in Oneiric

    Thanks tista. This has reduced the power consumption of my ThinkPad X220 from about 20W to about 14W (at max screen brightness).

    Is there a way to do this in /etc/modprobe.d/i915.conf? I tried...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Natty: system freeze when using xvnc4viewer on Thinkpad X220

    I too have occasional hard freezes on my new X220. Seemingly random timing, but averages about one every other day.

    Same as jeorsch: no caps lock LED; no mouse cursor; WLAN on; Bluetooth off;...
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    [other] Re: [SOLVED] Xmonad and NetworkManager

    To connect to a new wpa/wpa2 network (which, as far as I know, requires network-manager), I do this:

    trayer &

    Then use the applet as normal to connect. This adds the network to...
  4. [ubuntu] [workaround] NetworkManager forgets 802.1X wireless password

    I have found a much less painful workaround for the problem I was experiencing:

    sudo service network-manager restart
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Network Manager forgets 802.1X wireless password after

    I too am experiencing this problem. The details for me are:

    Whenever NetworkManager can't connect (due to distance from my AP, cosmic rays, or who knows what) after a few tries, it gives up and...
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