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  1. Jack audio server and Surround audio system

    I'm new with Jack Audio. I'm still in the "experimental" first steps.

    I use Ubuntu Studio 19.04 now, but I started to use Ubuntu in 2014, so... I have some experience with PulseAudio and Alsa.
  2. Real Time Audio Processing into Ubuntu

    Hi, gang!!!

    I discovered a very nice app to Ubuntu, which let us to handle the level and quality of our audio, in real time, from pulseaudio to our speakers system.

    The app is called...
  3. Using Working Areas with Different Monitors


    I wonder if we can use the Working Areas (the different desktop screen zones) into separate physical Monitors, and how... ???

    Does somebody know where I can find help about this???
  4. Problems with the Updating Process into Ubuntu Studio 16.04 LTS

    I'm using Ubuntu Studio 16.04 LTS and I had problems with the Updating Process today, Monday, May, 16, 2016.

    The system told me the following error message:

    "E:Encountered a section with no...
  5. Why not to add an [Stereo/Mono] switch to the sound mixer on Linux?

    Every music recording engineer can explain, better than me, that the best stereo sound is reachable only when it is full mono sound systems compatible.

    But... Somebody can tell that all the...
  6. Wine suddenly closes when makes Windows Installer


    I'm new with Lubuntu and Wine and I've been experimenting with some Windows Software installation on my old PC.

    I've got to install the most important software I often use but Adobe...
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