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    [ubuntu] Re: ATI Radeon Screen Geometry Problem

    Still haven't solved my problem, but I have narrowed my problem down to the Catalyst drivers. If I reload Ubuntu and do not load the Catalyst drivers, but instead stick with the proprietary third...
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    [ubuntu] ATI Radeon Screen Geometry Problem

    I have a very perplexing problem that I have been battling for a week now and I am about ready to give up.

    My problem is that in only 1280x720 mode, I get a 2" black bar along the left side of the...
  3. Re: HOWTO: Win32 Video Codecs (AMD64 and 64bit systems)

    I was hoping to bring this to the top again to see if anyone has made any progress in getting WMV9 files to play under Ubuntu 64?

    I have all the other codecs working except these...
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