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    Re: Steam won't start

    Go into your home directory, enable the "Show hidden files" option and look for your .steam directory, to see if you find your own path to...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: New software program stalling 'waiting to install'

    In my case, when I tried to install Steam (it's already on the new SOftware center) and Opera (not there but from the Opera site, the latest stable version), in both cases the button said...
  3. Re: Problems accessing Facebook with friend-app / online accounts

    I found out about Yoono yesterday, and I came here to let you know, I see you've already tested it. The Facebook issue (basically, not working anymore with anything it used to work) is mostly sure...
  4. Re: Problems accessing Facebook with friend-app / online accounts

    Sorry, tried everything I know (which isn't much) but it didn't work.

    Removed Ubuntu from inside my Facebook settings page (under "Applications"), then removed Facebook from my Online Accounts and...
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    [UbuntuGnome] Re: Quake 3 - oss sound support

    Install ioquake3, get it from (first "engine download" and then "data installer" - of course you'll still need your pak0.pk3 to copy after installation)

    Works right out...
  6. Re: Problems accessing Facebook with friend-app / online accounts

    Regarding authentication to Facebook, same thing happened to me when I was on Flashback-session (you know, the old Gnome-fallback; although in my case, the pop-up window was black, not blank), and I...
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    Re: What HAVE they done to Chrome/Chromium?

    I hope I'm not understanding this the wrong way, but...

    From what I know, on Firefox, it's been long since they've got this little gear/wheel (I don't know how to say it properly in English as...
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    [ubuntu] Re: account-plugin-instagram

    This post is 1 month old so I don't know if you're still around, but anyways this could be useful for others.

    account-plugin-instagram is just a plgin for the Online Accounts panel, and...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: deleting/moving launchers in flashback gnome panel

    Alt+right click works for me.
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    Re: How many of you completely switched to Linux?

    I completely switched in 2008 or 2009, I don't remember very well. Before that, I was back and forth for like a year or two.
    If you guys are on an old computer, try Xubuntu or even Lubuntu for...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Trash Icon - Where is it?

    Thanks! That's what was not installed by default so the trash icon does not appear as an item to add to the panel - and I think that's what the OP was asking.

    Problem solved!
  12. Re: Game seems to be running, but appears no where

    Same problem happens to me with some games (not Steam, just normal old games installed from retail CDs) and I do have NVIDIA drivers / additional drivers installed and updated.

    It started when I...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Creating a custom live install/enviroment

    Search the forums using the terms "custom iso" - there are plenty of topics that deal with this issue.
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    [SOLVED] Re: sound through firefox with flash.

    You're not a moron, at least not yet :D (just kidding)

    Didi you have any sound before you installed Flash? Also check out your Sound settings, to see if anything is muted.
    Try checking sound...
  15. Re: How to DIRECTLY update from 11.10 to 13.10?

    I don't even upgrade on sequential releases, I always perform a fresh install, it's cleaner. Unless you're stuck for some reason (like if you've got too much stuff to back it all up, or a broken...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Weather Indicator crash

    Thank you very much, that helped me. I didn't want a different one, I just wanted this one to work and found this topic and could fix it. I think I got it to work after a log out /log back in.
  17. Re: Run Ubuntu 12.04+ *comfortably* on a "700 MHz CPU with 512 MB RAM"? (=Ubuntu info

    You guys who are low on RAM should try Xubuntu, it's great for low-end systems and comes with a set of lightweight apps. I still use it from time to time (12.04 with latest updates) on an old Athlon...
  18. Re: Do you guys use default apps, or switch to others?

    My apologies. :oops:

    Thank you! Didn't know about those links; looking around the forums gave me back too much support threads and I just wanted to read a little more specific feedback.

  19. Do you guys use default apps, or switch to others?

    Hi fellow Xubuntu users, I hope I'm posting this in the proper section. The question is,

    Do you guys use the default applications that come with Xubuntu, or you install others?

    By "default" I...
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    Re: [xububtu] Xfce Desktop Question

    @carl4926: in my case, same as you, I never noticed any differences between Live / installed versions; but my guess is it depends on the different set-ups we all have... let's see what the OP says....
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    [xubuntu] Re: Fuzzy login screen

    Well, there seems to be something weird going on with Xubuntu, I thought I was the only one getting a similar problem.

    I've been trying Ubuntu and Xubuntu (both 12.04) on the same computer during...
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    Re: [xububtu] Xfce Desktop Question

    I've been using Xubuntu for years and I love it.

    From the menu (you know, the mouse icon at the top left) go to Settings, then Settings Manager. From there, check out "Appearance" and "Window...
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    Re: The Artistic August Screenshot Thread

    Just my Xubuntu pretending to be something else :D

    Wallpaper is a very basic stuff I made up on GIMP
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    Re: Beginners forum

    Heh. True. Even a 15 seconds search on the forums would get them a bunch of topics to check out.

    Being Spanish my 1st language and hanging around English speaking forums for the last 15 years...
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    [all variants] Re: Chrome security/privacy questions

    Well, the key here is that we should get used to take care of our sensitive stuff like passwords and other personal/private information always, as a healthy habit, not because of some forum being...
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