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    Re: Can't access windows files

    In Windows, have you disabled "fast boot" or "fast startup"?
    In Windows, disable hibernation.
    In Windows, might the disks be using advanced partitions? Basic partitions work easiest with Linux.
  2. Re: Enabled Automatic Mount Options, now it won't boot

    Google "ubuntu fstab" for a general how-to guide.
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Repair corrupt filesystem using fsck on CF

    I would run smartctl tests and reports on the disk, then decide if just wiping the disk and restoring from backups was an option or if I needed a new HDD instead. The SMART data would massively...
  4. Re: Enabled Automatic Mount Options, now it won't boot

    I've never used any GUI to setup mounts.
    Please post the full contents of the fstab file using code tags.
  5. [xubuntu] Re: How to make computer's ethernet interface static

    The last 3 Ubuntu LTS releases each have different management techniques for networking. Follow the instructions specific to your release. There is probably an "Ubuntu Desktop Guide" for the release...
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    Re: hardened image of ubuntu?

    Many of the claimed "best practices" aren't for Ubuntu or Debian. Slight differences in how permissions are setup makes a huge difference, as does the normal method of software deployment to the...
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    Re: Clone partition to new SSD - Best Way

    As long as wasabi captures file and directory permissions and ACLs in addition to the data, it should be fine. On Unix systems, the permissions are 50% of what needs to be backed up. Without that,...
  8. Re: Install Ubuntu on three Machines acting like a single Machine

    Someone else asked a similar question here the last few days. Gnu-parallel was an option that would work for cluster-unaware software. lots of...
  9. Re: Does installing packages via the terminal install globally?

    That isn't what I meant to say, but it is true and all user accounts have at least read-only access to those files.

    If you are interested in the file system hierarchy, there is a standards...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Recovering lost ext4 partition
    G-Sense_Error_Rate - vibration or dropping the HDD. That's a huge number. I've never seen one that high, but none of my HDDs even report that parameter. Google...
  11. Re: How to raise size of working partition under Kubuntu 18

    I cannot tell without knowing the PWD. The target of that command above defaults to the PWD.

    Seems you are missing the key understanding of symbolic links. Linking /mnt/.... to /mnt/... isn't...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Recovering lost ext4 partition

    Re-read post #7 above. Please.
  13. Re: GLIB in C programming: No such file or directory

    +1 on using a makefile. That's what gmake/cmake were made to handle. I've never used cmake, but with gmake, beware that tabs and spaces in the file mean different things. Don't let the editor...
  14. Re: Can't create more than 1 new partition on SSD with Win10, free space marked"unusa

    Linux machines should stay up and running for years without failing, unless it is tuned poorly or there is a hardware problem. MS-Windows silently ignores many hardware problems, so when Linux is...
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    Re: sendmail domain of sender does not exist

    If my email servers sees this:

    EHLO albatross.
    It will reject all email from it. It needs to be a FQDN and passes reverse lookup tests.
    If the FROM address doesn't contain a FQDN, it will be...
  16. Thread: Anti Cloud

    by TheFu

    Re: Anti Cloud

    Guess I don't know any "normal" people.

    I don't know anyone without a computer. Most of my friends have multiple computers and run Linux. About 30% also run internet-facing webapps. Odd to me...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Recovering lost ext4 partition

    Teaching to fish .... "smartctl package name" any search engine should provide the name.
  18. Re: Does installing packages via the terminal install globally?

    All APT package management installs for everyone by default. It doesn't matter if it is CLI or GUI interface.
    To limit which users can run any program, use normal Unix file/directory permissions.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Clustering two ubuntu servers

    Don't use rsh. Use ssh.

    There's a number of packages that can help with batch processing. batch, at, xargs, taskspooler, gnu-parallel.
  20. [lubuntu] Re: is there a way to preserve the window size of PCManFM?

    All proper X/Windows client programs should support the -geometry command line switch. Something like this:

    -geometry 80x25+760+355

    --geometry 80x25+760+355
    to control both the size and...
  21. [kubuntu] Re: I need some help with setting up UFW/GUFW ...

    I wouldn't trust it. I've worked at a similar-sized ISP specifically with patching CPE routers. Don't trust those devices. Their goal is to minimize customer complaints and gather marketing data,...
  22. [kubuntu] Re: I need some help with setting up UFW/GUFW ...

    If you aren't running any services/network daemons, then there is little need for a firewall if you are behind a normal, maintained, patched, router. If you take a computing device beyond that...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: How to interpret disks utility “SMART data & self-tests” results?

    There is no standard. I've found that only the smartctl tool provides raw values for SMART data. None of the GUIs seem to.
    For example:

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    Re: Ubuntu 16.04 crashing in unusual way

    Onboard GPUs are usually in the GPU, not on the motherboard. I've never heard of a failure.

    Check all the system logs in /var/log/ for issues.
    Also, it sounds like a low-memory situation. How...
  25. [kubuntu] Re: I need some help with setting up UFW/GUFW ...

    Close them all, except the ones you specifically run network services on that you want available to other systems.

    For example, if you run a web server that only listens on port 443/tcp...
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