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  1. Re: HOWTO set up Juniper Network Connect VPN on Ubuntu Dapper

    Did you ever get this sorted? I am having the same issue.
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    [ubuntu] PPTP Connection on Ubuntu Karmic

    Hi, I need help getting a standard PPTP VPN connection working. I have the Network Manager plugins installed, and have in the past connected to this VPN fine but now (since upgrading to Karmic) I get...
  3. Re: HOWTO: Enabling Acer laptop bluetooth (especially Travelmate series, acerhk)

    Excellent HowTo!

    I'm running a C310 as well but on Intrepid and was pulling my hair out trying to 'discover' my bluetooth device to sync my phone contacts (I just hate cables). You don't ned to...
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    Re: gcc compiling error

    Thanks for that too. I've been going through the forums for two hours trying to solve this. I had already resolved other issues using build-essentials and libc6. it was compiling fine but would not...
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    [ubuntu] Sharing folders from Ubuntu to Ubuntu

    First off i'm fairly new to Ubuntu, brand new in fact. My problem is i want to share a folder in my home dir with the other computers on my network. I can view shared folders on the network that...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Need help with Adobe Flash Player installation

    This worked perfectly. There were some errors in Terminal but that was due to incorrect software sources I had. Hardy-Backports loaded fine. Also i had to restart firefox to force the plugin to load.
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