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  1. [ubuntu] Re: HP 2133 Netbook - Can't Enable Wifi - Ubuntu 10.10

    Wifi on a HP Mini 2133 was always disabled until I updated the BIOS firmware.

    After that, wireless was perfect on Ubuntu 10.10.

    If you're already running the latest firmware version, then...
  2. Re: Screens and Graphics Preferences - Mythbuntu 7.10 (Ubuntu)

    MB: ASUS M2A-VM HDMI w/ inbuilt:

    ATI Radeon X1250 Graphics, Realtek ALC883 Audio + 1Gb Kingston RAM + AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core Processor 4000+ 2100MHz

    Video In: Leadtek Winfast DTV2000H
  3. Screens and Graphics Preferences - Mythbuntu 7.10 (Ubuntu)

    Please help this Linux noob.

    Since switching to Linux, I've got a million and one problems, most of them stemming from my complete noobiness in Linux. I smugly thought I was a bit of a geek since...
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