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    [SOLVED] Re: screen brightness on HP dv7

    Hello. This is a common problem whenever I install ubuntu on hp laptops so i made a small program which precisely does what this forum says. This way people who dont understand can just run it. This...
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    [lubuntu] Re: Eror with NAT?

    AHA! I may have found an issue here! After a tcpdump i noticed something very stange...

    This was in quite a few of those lines!
    14:04:51.422926 ARP, Reply chris-A770E3.local is-at...
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    [lubuntu] Eror with NAT?

    I asked this question a few days ago but.. i got no reply. Maybe i did'nt put enough information or something... Well i've gotten a little closer to my problem.
    So I have my modem connected to my...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: laptop acting as dhcp server without me knowing, got me in some trouble.

    Usually university networks are password protected or require a log in so that a random person cant just log on and host things like that. The university almost always has a rule against hosting a...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Network not working properely!!

    I connected my phones connection through a usb tether application and then configured the server to use that connection instead and it works. That connection is labled as usb0. Is there a way i can...
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    [ubuntu] Network not working properely!!

    I had it working but im not sure what went wrong.

    I have my cable modem connect to my server through usb, then the server forwards to the wireless router.
    The internet works on the server but not...
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    [ubuntu] mail server help

    Ok I freshly installed ubuntu server and selected it to install the mail server part. I would like to know the additional steps needed to be able to connect to it thought my client software. I...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: How enable Windows to see hard drive again?

    If you installed ubuntu to the x drive then more than likely you had to of formated that hardrive and the data may not be recoverable anymore.
  9. [ubuntu] Re: How enable Windows to see hard drive again?

    I assume you installed ubuntu onto your x drive. When on windows press start key, right click on computer, click manage, there should be a storage section, find your drive, format it to your use. I...
  10. [SOLVED] Re: Centrino Wireless-N + WiMAX 6150 recognizes Wifi but doesn't connect

    My issue with this card was that it would not reconnect to the network after suspending the laptop (authentication issue). I had tried to remove the module and insert it again with no luck (which...
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    [ubuntu] Bind9 mobile apps issue

    I am having an issue when i make a a dns record. I request a site on my mobile phone, in this case, and it gives me an error. I added but that only makes the mobile...
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    [ubuntu] Re: ALSA driver makes a clicking sound

    Has anybody body found a fix for this? I am using a hp dv7 6135dx and it continues to make that light clicking noise. I'm almost sure that its the driver but I don't know how to tweak it so that it...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: How can I host a domain/website on my new VPS?

    This website may help

    It explains how to set up multiple websites.
  14. [ubuntu] Re: How can I host a domain/website on my new VPS?

    Im not sure who you are buying your domain from so I wouldn't be able to help you with that. I just know that to host i use register a domain with them. In their options I would put my vps...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: How can I host a domain/website on my new VPS?

    I am not very familiar with vps. Are you connecting though ssh, telnet or how?
  16. [ubuntu] Re: How can I host a domain/website on my new VPS?

    From what I know you have start by telling the person hosting your domain to point the domain name to you ip address. Then if you have a router you tell the router to point the incoming traffic to...
  17. Re: HP DV6 Wireless Suspend issue + Graphics card overheating

    Sorry to hear that your going to switch. My laptop gets very hot as well but I cant do much about it. Especially since it used a hybrid system which i believe switch between a intel one and amd. idk...
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    [ubuntu] Xbox Live Nat error

    I have seen this asked many times before but no responses. I connect my xbox 360 to the laptops Ethernet port. share to other computers is on and all goes well but when i test connection the ubuntu...
  19. Re: HP DV6 Wireless Suspend issue + Graphics card overheating

    Im new at using these forums so if i post something incorrectly sorry. OK I found the directory.

    Press ctrl+alt+t to open the terminal. Then type sudo gedit

    Make a file containing this in it....
  20. Re: HP DV6 Wireless Suspend issue + Graphics card overheating

    This used to happen to my dv7. What i did is I edited one of the the files that is run when you come back from suspending it. I made a script. I forgot where the folder that holds this information...
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