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  1. How to create recovery disc if your ISO is encrypted and hidden

    During installation of 20.04 I chose the option of encrypting my drive image.

    I just tried to create a recovery image for backup redundancy however the backup tool cannot see my ISO because of...
  2. cant install Clamtk from terminal *Could not open lock file are you root ?

    I have been able to install other apps from terminal but i cant get Clamtk to run , i get the error message below , what am i doing wrong please ?

    " Could not open lock file...
  3. Ubuntu 20.04 cant install to NUC 10 i7FNH dev/sda errors

    Just sharing a fix in case anyone else has problems installing Ubuntu on to a Intel NUC10 i7

    I tried a clean install on to a new Intel NUC 10 th Gen i7 FNH with both 20.04 and 20.10

    It kept...
  4. Re: converting thousands of Microsoft Paint .dwg to GNU Gimp

    Sorry you are absolutely correct , they are exportable as .BMP .png , Giff or Tiff ( My Christmas - mode brain confused it with my TurboCad .dwg format)

    I dont mind learning Gimp as i am in for...
  5. converting thousands of Microsoft Paint .dwg to GNU Gimp

    I have thousands of drawings created in Microsoft Paint , now i am ditching all windows OS and going to Ubuntu , can the experts advise the best way to transition and convert my .dwg files from Paint...
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