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    [ubuntu] Re: Windows doesn't load up on GRUB menu

    Which release of windows are you using and is it an EFI machine? Can you go into the BIOS firmware and select windows there?

    You might try downloading and running boot repair from the site at the...
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    Re: Grub has made windows hdd unbootable

    I use ~$ efibootmgr -o 0001, 000E, {my bootlist}

    Did you use the above command or did you preface it with sudo as required?

    Some systems are difficult to change with efibootmgr but you...
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    Re: Grub issue after using boot-repair

    More likely the problem is related to using OS-uninstaller. Lines 64-66 of boot repair indicate 1 OS detected and that is windows 8 or 10. Lines 44-50 show an ext4 partition but none of the files...
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    [ubuntu] Re: ASRock booting wrong file

    It seems your are booting a 'live/install' DVD or USB so if you want to set the boot priority to boot from a hard drive install, you should see a message on screen immediately upon booting tellling...
  5. Re: Fresh Ubuntu Installation rebooting to Install menu

    Installing Ubuntu should not take more than 30 minutes on a recent computer. Did you do an md5checksum on the Ubuntu iso you downloaded before trying to install? Expllained at the Ubuntu site...
  6. Re: Ubuntu partition missing after only one session in Windows 10

    Lines 10-17 in boot repair show the EFI files. Note there are "none" for Ubuntu! Lines 49-54 show where (the partition) Ubuntu is/was installed. Looks like it says the mount point is already...
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    Re: Grub has made windows hdd unbootable

    You haven't posted enough information for anyone to even begin to think about helping you. Mint and Ubuntu are similar in many ways. First, you mention that you have Mint 19.1 but make no mention...
  8. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu 20.04 stopped booting - advice on how to fix

    What does 'boot failed' mean. Exactly what happens? Blinking cursor, black screen, warning/error message. Where do you see the message to run fsck? Is it on screen when you try to boot? If so,...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Failed to start Ubuntu live CD installer Service

    Did you verify the download of the iso from the Ubuntu site before you burned it to a DVD (or wrote to a usb)??

    You indicate you are doing an "update" of 20.04 and 20.10 which would indicate both...
  10. [SOLVED] Re: I want to change the order of my grub2 menu

    I'm not sure why your sudo update-grub command failed. You could try running: sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg instead because that's all the update-grub script does.

    In your last post,...
  11. [SOLVED] Re: I want to change the order of my grub2 menu

    The distribution which is installed to the MBR will put itself at the top of the Grub menu so the above quote would indicate that you're booting from 16.04 on sda5. This is confirmed in the boot...
  12. Re: Dual boot . Calamares doesn't detect WIN10 during Ubuntudde installation,

    You will be much better off with official documentation such as the link below which is specific to dual booting with windows 10 UEFI rather than using a YouTube videol Anyone can post anythng on...
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    Re: Ubuntu Can't See Harddrive to Install

    I rarely boot into windows but I have found that when I do it will sometimes do an update before shutting down. I think this can be set to only manual but since I rarely use windows I have not...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Unable to instal Ubuntu on WIndows 7 (Dual Boot)

    That is the reason for the manual install option (Somethiing Else). If you want a non-standard installation you need to tell the installer what you want. Generally, the first option is to Erase...
  15. Re: Dual boot ubuntu - Windows 10: windows won't load

    When you initially boot and enter the BIOS firmware, you should see an option which is usually labelled Boot where you can make the changes. I'm not familiar with Lenovo so you might do an online...
  16. Re: Dual boot . Calamares doesn't detect WIN10 during Ubuntudde installation,

    I'm not sure why you would enable Legacy mode as your windows install is clearly an EFI install and if you installed ubuntudde in Legacy mode, you would need to go into the BIOS boot options to...
  17. Re: Dual boot ubuntu - Windows 10: windows won't load

    If it was working, what changes were made just prior to the failure?

    Boot repair shows you have windows code in the MBR plus 2 EFI partitions. Was this an upgrade from windows 7? You have 2 EFI...
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    Re: Old iPod & iPhone

    A result of updates to IOS kernel, sometimes no problems other times inability to access much more than photos. This will continue to be a problem as Apple doesn't care about Linux and Linux...
  19. [ubuntu] Re: Moving music back and forth from Ubuntu to iPad

    I would not expect that you would be able to navigate the Ipad and probably will only see a few directories. I move photo and music files between my iphone and Linux using an app on the iphone...
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    Re: Problem to boot Ubuntu 20.04.

    Yes, that is a common cause of being unable to boot. If you are able to still boot into Ubuntu, open a terminal and run the following command and post the output here. You need a space between the...
  21. Re: Empty Grub menu after dual boot install of 20.10

    The Ubuntu Ubiquity installer will install to the EFI partition on the first drive whether you select/set it to the 2nd drive. Mount the EFI partition on the first (windows) drive and check to see...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: No such partition - Entering rescue mode

    That may be the case but it is more likely that only some of the USB ports are capable of being used to boot from. I've seen that on some computers I've used.
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    [ubuntu] Re: External SSD not recognized

    Is your old SSD shown in the BIOS firmware?
    Generally, external drives will be available under the /media/username directory (substitute your actual username). Do you see it there?
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    [other] Re: Install OS-independent Grub2

    You can install Grub manually to a specific partition and then manually write your grub.cfg file. You will not be able to use the grub-mkconfig command or the Ubuntu stub update-grub as there are...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu boots with mini bash-like grub interface

    Your efibootmgr output shows entries for Ubuntu and windows but that is minimal information. If you did an update on Ubuntu it should have run update-grub, do you remember if it did? If not try...
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