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    [SOLVED] Re: USB 3.0 PCI card help

    Remove plastic film. This is the funniest thing I have read in ages. Thank you all posters.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Subsonic vs Ampache

    Haven't tried Ampache, I would also be interested to hear from someone who's used both. As for Subsonic, it's excellent. If you already have a LAMP server setup, I would think Subsonic is a...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: VirtualBox, Vista Host, Ubuntu GUEST - access share?

    Actually further searching through the virtualbox forums gave me the answer. This short guide pretty much just worked.
  4. [ubuntu] VirtualBox, Vista Host, Ubuntu GUEST - access share?

    Most people (I'm one of them) seem to be running VirtualBox with Ubuntu as a host and some form of Windows as a guest. Due to a fried PSU, my Ubuntu machine is out of commission and I'm trying to set...
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    [all variants] Super Basic HowTo Connect a MIDI Keyboard

    The short story on connecting a MIDI keyboard to your Ubuntu computer: Get basically any MIDI keyboard, get a decent USB-MIDI interface like a Roland/Cakewalk UM-1G; connect to keyboard and USB port;...
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    Re: AAC encodin to mp4 with HandBrake

    As far as lack of aac encoding goes, have no idea why this would be dropped, it's pretty important. In Kdenlive I was trying to encode video to mp4 container with h264 and aac and it seems to always...
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    Re: PPA repo for ffmpeg, audacity, et al.

    I finally got a working version of Audacity 1.3.9 and libavcodec by asking for help at the audacity forums. Pointed me to this ppa, this is repo line I added in Synaptic

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    Re: Trying to compile ffmpeg with --enable-shared

    Thanks FakeOutdoorsman for the fast response. Appreciate it. I did all this; the apps compiled and seemed to install fine this time. I was able to use Kdenlive with these libs.

    But I still have...
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    Trying to compile ffmpeg with --enable-shared

    I have compiled successfully a couple of times according to this howto. Both x264 and ffmpeg seem to work fine with apps like WinFF and Kdenlive.

    HOWEVER I can't get the latest Audacity 1.3.9 to...
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    [ubuntu] Fixing WinFF 1.1 path to ffplay

    I've had the same problem - compiled ffmpeg as per the excellent HowTo. So much better, but WinFF says it 'could not find ffplay'.

    My ffplay and ffmpeg ended up in /usr/local/bin/ which I...
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    [xubuntu] Re: How to uninstall Moovida?

    I tried it a few months ago on 9.04 AMD64 when it was still Elisa and it was much the same, buggy, impossible to shut down, the screen took over and couldn't even switch to another app. Ugh. Sounds...
  12. [ubuntu] Kdenlive

    Frankly, the only thing standing in anyone's way at this point from using Ubuntu full time is being tied to some proprietary app that's only on Windows or Mac.

    The only really iffy thing on your...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Connect to Server in Nautilus for FTP to Windows Host broken


    Same thing here. All of these tools work just fine for other FTP sites. But I have one that says it's a Windows NT ftp server. I can connect to it in FileZilla just fine. I can connect from...
  14. [SOLVED] Re: VLC streamlined Howto

    It seems that the latest VLC has different menus/options and maybe works better from the GUI. I'm using VLC 0.9.4 with Ubuntu Intrepid to rip a radio stream that is a 128k mp3 format. It seems...
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    [all variants] Re: Current scanners that work with ubuntu

    Epson V500 now works quite well with 64 bit Linux as well. See post and user experience:
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    [ubuntu] Re: Scanner for Negatives

    The Epson V500 is excellent and now works quite well in 64 bit Linux. See post:
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    [ubuntu] Re: hardy can't access windows shares

    This is an incredibly longstanding and annoying bug. It's not a problem with samba or networking - it's got to be a nautilus bug. Fire up dolphin or some other KDE file browser and the shares appear...
  18. Re: HOWTO: Compile Audacity on Linux - 1.3 Beta Series on Ubuntu Gutsy

    I've checked and it's kind of odd. I have no libsndfile or the -dev but I do have libsndfile1 and -dev. I have no libsamplerate or -dev but I have libsamplerate0 and -dev.

    Not sure what the deal...
  19. Re: HOWTO: Compile Audacity on Linux - 1.3 Beta Series on Ubuntu Gutsy

    BandD - Can't quite figure why you could install the -dev package but couldn't find the non-dev of the same name. Maybe version conflicts?

    You don't absolutely need everything on the list, some...
  20. Re: HOWTO: Compile Audacity on Linux - 1.3 Beta Series on Ubuntu Gutsy

    Forty years? I would guess your compiling skills might be a little rusty :)

    has links to the documentation, user manuals, online wiki help site, etc. I...
  21. Re: VirtualBox memory usage remains after shutting down VM

    That's helpful and a quick response, thanks. Actually I was messing with it last night and decided to lower the RAM assigned to the VM. I initially had it at just over half of total about 1.2GB. I...
  22. VirtualBox memory usage remains after shutting down VM

    I'm running an AMD dual core with 2GB of RAM. I've got Gutsy as a host and VirtualBox running XP as a guest in 1GB of RAM. Seems like it ought to be plenty right?

    If you just stick to apps in one...
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    Re: virtualbox-gutsy-usb?

    Just wanted to add a note that I think I've finally got my USB mp3 player working pretty well in an XP host. It's an iRiver Clix2. It needs to hook up via MTP pretocol so I can use it in Napster to...
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    Re: Upgrade to wine leaves it useless.

    I had the same problem with Wine and Sketchup and CorelDraw 11 recently. Serious regressions starting around Wine 0.9.53. Programs wouldn't even start. I recently compiled the latest release v0.9.55...
  25. Re: Installing Multiple Versions of Wine and Compiling them. Help please.

    I would also like to know how to run multiple versions of Wine. I have already compiled the latest Wine with no problems. What I can't really figure out is how exactly to use WINEPREFIX to run a...
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