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  1. [ubuntu_studio] Re: My experiences with U/S 14 LTS, and JACK... A Learning Curve.


    A wise hacker (called Gandalf) repeatedly told me "there are only pros and cons". He's spot-on; you can't tell people what to do, but you can warn them off the dead-ends, and help them...
  2. [ubuntu_studio] Re: My experiences with U/S 14 LTS, and JACK... A Learning Curve.

    As-promised, here are some screencaps. These are from work on a real session, so it is a little messy looking.

    First, Patchage.254665

    What you're looking at is me partway through cleaning up a...
  3. [ubuntu_studio] Re: My experiences with U/S 14 LTS, and JACK... A Learning Curve.

    With what the original poster requested, and cited as their listed sound devices, that isn't going to help much. Using Patchage to start up Jack will default to the first sound card, their built-in...
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    [SOLVED] Re: switch user no longer works in trusty

    Here's the contents of gdmflexiserver as-provided in 13.10:

    # Copyright (C) 2011 Canonical Ltd
    # Author: Michael Terry <>
    # This program is free...
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    [SOLVED] Re: switch user no longer works in trusty

    Don't see any reason for that to be a problem - as long as you remember what you did if/when you reinstall.

    I've not fired up my 14.04 system yet today (putting off finishing the mix on the last...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu is asking me for a "passphrase"?! before login??

    What you've obviously done is picked the encrypted LVM option on install. That's significantly different from just having an encrypted user directory.
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    [SOLVED] Re: keep older Nautilus with trusty?

    Ardour still spits out files with '%' in the name - even on the latest version (3.5.358). There's quite a few things I'd change about how it names files, snapshots and so-on. Or, just make them...
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    [SOLVED] Re: switch user no longer works in trusty

    Nice, and simple.

    Although, based on a-you's actual usage here, I would've looked for a way to script a shell login to mount the encrypted user directory rather than having another X session...
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    Re: USB Midi Interface and QJackCtl

    Easier still: In the Options tab on QJackCTL, tick the box next to "Execute script after Startup" and put 'a2jmidid &' (without quotes) into the box. That'll roll steps 1 and 2 into a single...
  10. [ubuntu_studio] Re: Anyone get a Behringer BCA2000 to work? Ubuntu isn't even detecting it.

    There's various gripes about this box over an eight-year period. Behringer did something weird with the box because Windows doesn't play nicely with multi-input USB 2.0 devices. Hence the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: switch user no longer works in trusty

    I had a go at this with 14.04, found pretty-much the same as you.

    A quick google? It's a known bug:

    I don't know...
  12. Thread: Audio card

    by brianmc

    Re: Audio card

    As Johnny Five says, ... "Need more input!" That's not-just referring to you looking for high-impedance inputs, but what are your options card-wise? USB? PCI? PCI-E?

    There are quite a lot of...
  13. [ubuntu_studio] Re: My experiences with U/S 14 LTS, and JACK... A Learning Curve.

    Using JACK takes a little getting used to. It is best thought-of as an alternative to PulseAudio. One designed to cope with near-realtime audio work and have sound signals routed with - if not...
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    Re: strange problem with multiple monitors!

    You say you can log into your account with a terminal?

    Once in there, use sudo useradd to create a fresh user account to play with. If you can get that working to your satisfaction, copy over the...
  15. [ubuntu_studio] Re: Please Compare Low Latency Image to Regular Image like in Ubuntu Studio

    Err, one is good for time-critical work, such-as realtime audio - the other isn't?

    Not really what you were asking, is it?

    As the other poster says, that should only matter if you're running...
  16. Re: I need help for config & using Ardour with audio please

    You're probably missing making all the relevant connections. I'd recommend avoiding letting Ardour start up JACK for you; that limits what you can do.

    So, configure JACK using QJackCTL - since...
  17. [ubuntu_studio] 14.04: Workspace Switcher - multiple instances bug

    I heavily tweak my desktop layout in Ubuntu Studio, and have run into what is clearly a bug in the XFCE Workspace Switcher.

    I use the switcher in two different panels, and I want both to look the...
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    [ubuntu_studio] Trying out 14.04 - First impressions

    I threw Thursday's official release of 14.04 onto my spare box, but I'd recommend people read the issues list before letting it near anything but a test/spare machine. This was a from-scratch...
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    Re: Ubuntu Studio or FL Studio?

    Well, if he's no operating system at-all, there's nothing to lose in simply installing Ubuntu Studio and having a play with it. The next long-term support version of Ubuntu comes out next month, but...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Firefox audio to Ardour

    Assuming you get the PulseAudio sink installed, there's some setup required to make it work.

    First, you should find it connecting - by default - to route output to speakers:

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    Re: Ubuntu Studio 13.10 Menu Editor

    I'm sitting here running Ubuntu Studio 13.10, and assumed menu editing was working correctly - it isn't.

    Another way to get at the menu (to add to your collection) is: right-click on the panel...
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    Re: How can I change to the generic Kernel?

    To simply install the current generic kernel:
    $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install linux-generic

    If all you have on the system is Ubuntu, by default you'll not get the option to select...
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    [SOLVED] Re: The endless problem with recording

    First thing is you're trying for too-small a Frames/Period.
    You've also a messy, and confusing, set of values set as the Interface, Input Device and Output Device. Just set them all back to...
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    [ubuntu_studio] Re: multiple cartes son jack config probleme

    I've had to resort to Google translate, but let me give this a go:

    Firstly, you're not running a lowlatency kernel:

    You should see something like:
  25. [ubuntu_studio] Re: A little kernel tweaking for performance as a DAW

    Here's a patch file for the originally-specified CPU [AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 620 Processor]: 250956

    Unpacking this in the ~/src directory would allow the following commands to be used to build a...
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