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    [SOLVED] Re: script help

    wmctrl might be what you want.

    wmctrl -r :ACTIVE: -b toggle,maximized_vert,maximized_horz

    used in a script will toggle the currently active window - that should be the terminal in which the...
  2. [lubuntu] Re: Ubuntu, to set a notification with notify-send

    Sorry, wrong variable (and a slight mistake in my thinking). 'notify-send' does not actually display anything by itself, it just sends the notification via dbus to a notification daemon which...
  3. [lubuntu] Re: Ubuntu, to set a notification with notify-send

    cron is started before the GUI and programs started by cron run outside the GUI-session and don't know what display to send their output to. Running GUI programs from cron is possible if you're using...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Need help with a bash script

    Random numbers can be read from the variable RANDOM. The numbers generated when reading from RANDOM are between 0 and 32767. You can use the modulo / remainder operator ('%') to get a random number...
  5. Re: Software to scan bookshelf backs and register books?

    Books printed after 1972 have an ISBN (International Standard Book Number). Once you have the ISBN Zotero should be able to get all the other data (title, author, date of publication ...) from the...
  6. Re: Stop Firefox from automatically installing updates

    No need for that. Firefox stores your session. You can just go to 'Restore Previous Session' in the Hamburger Menu or 'History'->'Restore Previous Session' in the Menu Bar and everything comes back...
  7. [kubuntu] Re: How Firefox to distinguish current tab ?

    The user interface of Firefox can be styled using CSS in a file named userChrome.css in a directory named 'chrome' inside your profile directory (this has nothing to do with the Google branded...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Remote Desktop!

    If you can ssh into the remote machine then you can run graphical applications from the command line. You just need to start the ssh client with the option for X11-forwarding ('ssh -X...
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    [SOLVED] Re: gimp or draw or krita

    By default GiMP opens the pages of a PDF on separate layers stacked with the first page on top but the last page (hidden behind all the other pages) active. So your action probably worked, but on...
  10. [SOLVED] Re: How to modify the Firefox launcher in favorites so that it launches within a Fire

    Wouldn't it be easier to just copy the firefox.desktop from /usr/share/applications/ to $HOME/.local/applications/ and edit the copy ? No need for 'sudo' and this allows for configuration on a per...
  11. [SOLVED] Re: Volume is set noauto in fstab but still mounting on boot

    Another rabbit hole to look down into: systemd automount units. Try 'systemctl list-units -t automount' to find out if there's one of those set up for the file system you don't want to mount...
  12. [SOLVED] Re: how do I make this video into a wallpaper in Xubuntu?

    Just execute 'wmctrl -l' in a terminal. This shows a list of all open windows with four columns separated by spaces (window-id, number of the desktop the window is on, hostname, window title). The...
  13. [SOLVED] Re: how do I make this video into a wallpaper in Xubuntu?

    Works just the same, you only have to change the name of the window awk should search for from 'pcmanfm' to the name of the desktop-window. This name probably depends on your locale, on my system...
  14. [kubuntu] Re: How in Kubuntu 18 to see mouse more distinctly?

    Activating the 'Track Mouse'-option enables a keyboard combination. Hit that combination and you'll get a moving graphical effect around the cursor. The icon in the same panel as the configuration...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: expr syntax error missing argument

    I put a comment after every line:

    # shebang; tells the system that this script should be interpreted by /bin/bash
    a=`df --output=pcent /$1 | grep '[0-9]' | sed 's/%//'
    # get the...
  16. [SOLVED] Re: "Select File" Dialog does not show directories (not hidden)

    You might want to check whether you're using the snap version of CherryTree. Snap confinement makes it impossible to access directories outside of $HOME and /media/$USER/. Try 'snap list' in a...
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    [SOLVED] Re: backup Notepad

    Is that the xfce4 notes plugin ? If it is, then the notes are stored in $HOME/.local/share/notes in one subdirectory each for each group of notes in text files that have the note title as file name....
  18. Re: Hi! Love ubuntu/lubuntu! Not sure what level I'm on, questions, constructive idea

    No, you're not supposed to just know everything, but reading the manual (for Ubuntu and for Lubuntu) will bring you closer to that goal. Both flavours do have a file manager (Nautilus for Ubuntu,...
  19. [xubuntu] Re: Removing fonts wants to remove Xubuntu

    The 'noto' fonts cover a lot of Unicode. Their name is short for 'no tofu', with 'tofu' being a nickname for the square with the hexadecimal code point of a character you get if you don't have a...
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    [all variants] Re: Any free SACD Players

    If you look carefully at the sourceforge link you posted there is a link to a fork of mpd - music player daemon - with a sacd-plugin on the page.

  21. Re: not used to touchpad behavior using kernel 5.x

    I don't think it's a matter of the kernel. Elantech touchpads like yours and mine used to use the Synaptics driver and where switched to the libinput driver in a recent update to 18.04. This changed...
  22. [xfce] Re: 18.04 - Nautilus does not open files

    For searching in the current directory in Thunar, just start typing and the cursor will jump to the file starting with what you've typed. For searching a directory and its subdirectories using more...
  23. Re: Where can I learn most used Ubuntu Commands?

    There are various "Cheat Sheets" out there. Ask your favourite search engine for "Linux commands cheat sheet" or "Ubuntu commands cheat sheet". The problem with these is that they are meant mostly as...
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    Re: SuperGamer Live DVD how to make?

    Look in the Forum at . There's an announcement and download-link there for Supergamer v6, which is based on 20.4.

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    [other] Re: Were is "cd //" documenmted ?

    The 'cd' command is built into the shell. You can either look in the manual for your shell ('man bash' if you're using the default Bourne Again SHell; warning: long and extremely dense manual page)...
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