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    [ubuntu] Re: Internet Great but Almost No LAN Access

    This is an upstream problem with Gnome. Nautilus and gvfs have problems with networking and numerous bug reports have been filed with little response from the developers.

    I have one smb/ftp server...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Serious Networking Errors

    On my desktop using ralink rt2500 wireless 9.10 has been working OK. On my dad's laptop using atheros ath9k wireless connection is unreliable(finally installed 9.04). According to a bug report on...
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    [all variants] Re: HOWTO fix rt2500 in Hardy (bug #190515)

    The beta version of the serialmonkey drivers more than likely only compile against the latest kernel release. The beta version is IVD's development tree. This version uses the kernel's cfg80211 and...
  4. Re: Autopackage: Toward a universal package manager for the desktop

    The future is in the conary type system ( They have tools for building a projects files and resolving the dependancy. Essentially they design a python recipe for every projects'...
  5. Re: Autopackage: Toward a universal package manager for the desktop

    What Breepee said and a summary.

    Autopackage is targeted at closed sourced programs that need to install on a broad base of linux distributions. They auto detect where the distro puts certain...
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