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    [ubuntu] Re: HP ProLiant Microserver 100 cash back.


    Have been using one of these at home as a file server and small development server for me to play with. It is one based on an Athlon processor. It was easy to set up and and has worked a...
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    [ubuntu] Dovecot - Purging deleted messages

    Does anyone know if there are any issues with purging deleted messages from a Dovecot Maildir system. i.e. running an external script (as this is what some people say they do without any problem) to...
  3. [SOLVED] Re: Dovecot Thunderbird missing attachements

    Thanks for the reply SeijiSensei.

    I looked at the source for the e-mails and, you were absolutely right, the attachment is there.

    We are essentialy in the realm of solved. I have been able to...
  4. [SOLVED] Dovecot Thunderbird missing attachements

    I am running a Dovecot e-mail server to collect e-mails. Installed with the Ubuntu Howto. We are using Thunderbird as the client (on Windows).

    All is working fine and dandy but just a few people...
  5. Re: Java multi-page application - what is the best way

    I'll give it a go. I was aware of this option but for memory management, did not want to have all the panels up at the same time. That said memory management is a small part of the issues I have.
  6. Java multi-page application - what is the best way

    I'd like to know what is the best way to handle a Java application that has multiple pages/screens.

    I'd like to have a main menu page/screen with a series of button that will jump to allow you to...
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    Re: Browsers and CSS

    Think we need to see a little bit more of your code.

    I tried the following, with Firefox 8.0 on Ubuntu 10.04 and the text appeared top left:

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: ubuntu 11.10 dell inspiron mini sound and video problems

    It does depend what code you are talking about. Looking at the links you posted they appear to be text you have to enter into a terminal.

    So for:

    Open a terminal and at the command prompt...
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    [all variants] Re: Beginning programming

    Just try "C++ tutorial beginner" and have a look at some of the code examples. Type the code examples by hand - DON'T COPY AND PASTE - it will help with the understanding.

    I'm not a C++ man...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Java broke after latest Ubuntu update

    Running 10.04 Desktop - I looked at the link you posted. My Firefox 8.0 is told it is working fine but then I am using Java SE 6 Update 20 (it does tell me an update is available).

    Looking in the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: gvfs-mount issue

    Just for the record I think I have the solution (or work-around).

    Instead of using:

    gvfs-mount smb://<samba-server>/<share>

    I find the following appears to work without any problems:
  12. [ubuntu] Re: I edited and saved mail.log, now it won't update

    Just a thought, have you tried renaming the file to see if the system will create a new log file?

    Might be worth looking at the log file permissions.

    Atb k
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Why Shell scripts execute with ./(script)

    Thanks for that jwbrase I always wondered why it was considered a security issue.

    I usually create a personal bin directory:

    mkdir ~/bin

    and add it to the path in the .bashrc file:
  14. Thread: gvfs-mount

    by kamaji792

    [SOLVED] Re: gvfs-mount

    Hi Morbius1,

    The shares do need a password, but I believe that that is handled by the keyring ting (you can tell I don't really understand this bit).

    I've come across threads that talk about...
  15. Thread: gvfs-mount

    by kamaji792

    [SOLVED] Re: gvfs-mount


    I just noticed that when Nautilus mounts the Samba share the url is


    And so if I do the following at the command line:

  16. Re: I want some general Feedback Of Peppermint, Mint, Ubuntu.PLZ

    My 2p worth.

    Welcome to the world of GNU/Linux.

    I have been playing with Linux for a while now and have finally made the switch to use it as my default environment.

    I run an Ubuntu 10.04Lts...
  17. Thread: gvfs-mount

    by kamaji792

    [SOLVED] gvfs-mount

    I am having trouble with gvfs-mount; run from the command line or as part of a script.

    It always has been a bit unreliable but recently it has completely given up. So if I try and mount a Samba...
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    [ubuntu] Re: OpenOffice doesn't open document

    Bah! I was not having a good night last night.

    You did say it was a .doc file. which is not stored in a zip archive (.odt ones are).

    In days past I used to use OpenOffice to clean corrupted...
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    [ubuntu] Re: OpenOffice doesn't open document

    Completely got the wrong end of the stick - deleted original

    You can open an OpenOffice document in some file compression systems. That may give you something to play with.

    Atb k
  20. [ubuntu] Re: private home directories accessible by Apache and PHP

    I'm not an expert on this sort of thing. You want to do something like this:

    Create a htdocs directory in the users home folder.

    Set the permissions so the users owns the directory and the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: how to by pass Recovery Menu on boot

    I don't run an 11.04 server (I'm on 10.04). In fact I don't know what my server does as I run it headless.

    More importantly the grub menus on my desktop will time out (it waits about 10 seconds)...
  22. Re: java NetBeans 7 adding MIDP platform problem

    Hi @kaloasd,

    I have just started playing around (or more accurately want to start playing around) with Java ME.

    I was actually interested in the CDC level devices (i.e. mobile phones).

  23. [SOLVED] Re: Getmail - username with special character

    I think I have solved my problem.

    Just a little bit of background. I am using Getmail to feed a Dovecote mail server. Effectively doing a POP3 to IMAP conversion.

    I was following this how-to...
  24. [SOLVED] Getmail - username with special character

    I am trying to set up Getmail to retrieve emails from a server. Unfortunately my ISP creates individual e-mail boxes based on the main user (smiths) and box name (john), so:


    When I...
  25. [SOLVED] Re: scanimage: unrecognized option '--format=pnm'


    $ sudo scanimage -d 'epson2:libusb:004:002' --mode Color --format tiff > test.tiff
    [sudo] password for bighog:
    scanimage: unrecognized option '--format'

    If you look at the bottom of...
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