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    [ubuntu] Re: Unable to mount windows network

    Assuming the network between the two systems is okay, try this is a terminal:

    nautilus smb://<windows-ip-here>/<share-name-here>


    nautilus smb://\ Documents
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    Re: DNS name resolution broken, but not really

    Does it work on other networks? Could there be a firewall somewhere blocking udp 53?

    Maybe do a packet capture and see that name queries are actually leaving the box when a remote nameserver is...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: How to enumerate all network devices connected to router?

    I can't help you with C++, but if ping is not a solution, you could send ARP broadcasts asking who has each IP in the subnet and see what replies.
  4. [other] Re: Strange, LAN slower than 1Mbps Internet !!!

    Can't help without info.

    What kind of server (FTP/SFTP/CIFS/...)?

    How are you connecting from inside (what client, what settings or commands)?

    Possible that you are connecting to the...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu as a virtual machine is running painfully slow.

    How much memory did you give the VM? That tutorial has a picture of someone giving 512 mb... If you followed suit, that is certainly your problem. Give at least 1 gig, or up to 1.5 gigs per your...
  6. [lubuntu] Re: Lost digital photos-need help in trying to recover

    If you can mount the drive in Linux, Google up applications 'scalpel' and 'foremost' (both apt-get-able). They are similar, simple, and have worked well for me.
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    [all variants] Re: How can I run win iso's on linux?

    Yeah, you can use your thumb drive. Unless you always want to run off the disk, you'll only need the iso once, after which you'll boot off your virtual hard drive (vdi or vmdk), which you can have on...
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    [ubuntu] Re: I can't input code into command terminal

    Which terminal program? Does xterm work (alt-f2 for run dialog, enter 'xterm')?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Using ubuntu desktop as a direct 'server'.

    It's ridiculous to use crypto and to enter a password or do pub key auth each time to transfer files over a crossover cable.

    You can mount and dismount samba just as quickly from the command line,...
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    Re: 12.1 DNS entry gone after reboot

    Where are you specifying the name servers? Are you using /etc/resolv.conf, or the interfaces file as jmill134 suggests, or somewhere else?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Sound Production/Recording on Linux??

    Learning Linux = highly encouraged! Serious audio production on Linux = good luck!

    To be brief, audio codecs can be buggy and get broken by updates, and hardware support is slim pickings and...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Using ubuntu desktop as a direct 'server'.

    Your interesting set up does not really complicate the server that you want. Simple steps with many many good 'how to's around:

    1) Give both machines an IP address in the same subnet on the...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Server: unable to access from outside LAN even after forwarding the 22 por

    +1 for darkod's suggestion- vbox nat is an unnecessary complication.

    If you still have issues, maybe tell us more about your forwarding on the modem *and* router that you mentioned. Forwarding on...
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