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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Horrible screen tearing during video playback/gaming

    I am running 352.63 with a 550Ti and do not have any problems. You may want to backtrack to an older driver to see if that does not solve your problem.
  2. Re: Wi-Fi network does not connect right after system started, but it works after res

    What is the make/model number of your router?
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    Nokia 635 and Ubuntu 14.04

    When I connect my Windows Phone (tried Win 8.1 and Win 10) to my Ubuntu 14.04 desktop with USB for viewing photos and video on the phone Ubuntu hangs and eventually nothing happens. If a window does...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: How can I edit Grub on Ubuntu 14.04 to boot from CD drive?

    Delete or Esc key
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    Re: PC random freeze issue

    Is the RAM speed setting in the BIOS set correctly to match your actual RAM speed (1333Mhz)?
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    [SOLVED] Re: Cannot get printer work

    In my experience, if you don't see the exact model number of the printer you are trying to install you are going to have lots of difficulty.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Wifi not working, Broadcom BCM4313


    This worked for me on 12.04 on an old P4 laptop.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Hard drive problem.

    In Gparted, the Devices pull down menu there is "Attempt Data Rescue". I don't know what exactly that does but it may be worth a shot.
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Wifi doesn't work properly. No connection from time to time.

    Try temporarily lowering your wireless security encryption level, at the router.
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Installation advice for Dual Boot Win 7/ Ubuntu

    I would and have put Ubuntu on my SSD and put Win 7 on my spinning drive. Install Win 7 first then Ubuntu.
  11. [ubuntu] Re: no connection to TP-LINK switch through ethernet cable

    Try using different cables to different ports on the switch to connect to your laptop that is not connecting.
  12. Re: easiest way to cp files 'tween two Lubuntus that share the same router/house

    Try Dukto.
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Graphics Card Recommendation - Ubuntu 12.04 and Win 7 64 bit

    I have a 550Ti and it works great for both.
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    Re: uninstall and reinstall Windows in VB

    Also do a Ctrl-H on your HOME folder and look in the Virtualbox VM folder for a Windows folder and delete it. Otherwise you will get grief the next time you try to install Windows in VB.
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Have set up network printer in Ubuntu 12.04 but can't print test page

    You may want to give the printer an IP address that is outside of your network IP address range. For example, if you have through as your range then set the printer as...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Have set up network printer in Ubuntu 12.04 but can't print test page

    12.04 has a hard time getting some networked printers to work. Try the command: system-config-printer
  17. Re: stuck at screen that just says - Ubuntu

    Since you have a quad core CPU and 4 gigs of RAM try installing the 64bit (amd64) version of 12.04, not the i386 version.
  18. Re: Router works, then doesn't work, then works...

    The first thing I would do is change the channel for the WiFi in the router.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Can I dual boot from two HD's

    Well, I got it to work. I have Win7 on my 500Gb sata drive and Ubuntu 12.04 on my new SSD and a grub screen at boot up to select either. The only weird thing is the grub screen shows the Debian...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Can I dual boot from two HD's

    How do I know if I am installing in BIOS or EFI? When I boot I see an ASUS Republic of Gamers UEFI screen. Is that my clue?
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    [SOLVED] Re: Can I dual boot from two HD's

    Well, I tried to install Win7 on the 500Gb SATA drive after I installed Ubuntu 12.04 on the SSD and Windows would not let me install on the blank NTFS formatted SATA drive.

    Do I need to switch the...
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    [SOLVED] Can I dual boot from two HD's

    I am thinking of putting Ubuntu on my new 128 Gb SSD and put Win7 on my 500Gb sata hard drive. Will grub work for this or will I have to select which drive I want to access via the BIOS during...
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    SSD recommendations?

    I am leaning towards a Samsung 840 Pro 128Gb.

    For those of you that already have an SSD, what are your experiences/recommendations?
  24. Re: can't set up wifi printer Canon PIXMA MG5350s

    Have you tried connecting the printer directly to the Ubuntu computer?
  25. Re: can't set up wifi printer Canon PIXMA MG5350s

    Since you are try to connect to a networked printer open the terminal and type: system-config-printer
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