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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Graphical Problems (that I don't know how to properly describe)


    All you describe and show points to hardware failure. Graphics and/or motherboard (likely "and") is defective.
  2. Re: Can I in Firefox to select font I need ?

    No, the problem is with your package management, not theirs, and no, being in an older version is unrelated to fonts.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Desktop Environment issue

    Yes, you can.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Wifi Adapter

    Don't thank me me, thank Jeremy31, it's his answer.
    But please use the thread tools to mark it solved.
  5. [SOLVED] Re: Fix grub and error caused by Nordvpn

    Please hold on your reporting because the error you mentioned has nothing to do with NordVPN, its repository or even Grub.
    It may have something to do with a mistake during the installation you...
  6. [lubuntu] Re: Ugrade or new instalation for Lubuntu 20.04?

    Yes, it's true.
    If you want Lubuntu 20.04 do a clean install.

    You can (probably should) open Software & Updates > Updates and change the bottom setting to "never".
  7. [ubuntu] Re: External Monitor prompt flashing all the time

    Perhaps you should check your keyboard then...
    Nevertheless, what happens after you select your desired option? If it appears again then most likely you have a stuck key.
  8. [ubuntu] Re: External Monitor prompt flashing all the time

    OK, that I've seen before and it only appears when we use the "screens configuration" key (typically one of the functions keys or a key combo - FN+Fsomething).
  9. [ubuntu] Re: External Monitor prompt flashing all the time

    Again, I have no idea what that prompt is, never seen it in spite of having used hundreds of multi-monitor configurations.
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    Re: Have you upgraded to 20.04?

    I almost always perform a clean install.
  11. [ubuntu] Re: External Monitor prompt flashing all the time

    Please post your hardware specifications, particularly the graphics.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Wifi Adapter
  13. [ubuntu] Re: External Monitor prompt flashing all the time

    It can be either way and there's no reason for the thing you allude to (I don't really know what you're talking about).
    In standard Ubuntu (Gnome) multi-monitor desktop is set in System Settings >...
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    Re: USB drive not detected


    If you want to format as NTFS then it makes a lot more sense to do it in Windows.
    That said, I'm afraid you already ruined that drive so it really doesn't matter.
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    [ubuntu_mate] Re: The Package System is Broken

    Please run
    sudo apt update followed by
    sudo apt full-upgrade and post back here the output in code tags.
  16. Re: Tablet 32GB boot and 512GB SD card make as one?

    Yes, there's a way but you don't want to do that.
    With or without LVM what makes sense here is having the root in the 32GB drive and a separated /home is the bigger one.
  17. Re: Help, no gui or desktop after upgrade from 16.04 to 18.04

    Due to the huge change from Unity (16.04) to Gnome (18.04), an online upgrade was not recommended at the time and still isn't but most of times it worked without major hiccups. However, things change...
  18. Re: Low performance in Gnome with ubuntu 20.04 and 20.10

    This ^^^ and also disable Secure Boot in UEFI.
  19. [ubuntu] Re: External Monitor prompt flashing all the time

    Is your intention to use both monitors or just the external when the external is connected?
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Bluetooth Realtek RTL8723DE dont work

    The forum is alive.
    Lack of response means no one knows yet (I don't know either).
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    Re: Is this a bug I should report?

    Not a bug.
  22. Re: Can't boot from a new Ubuntu 20.04 USB drive

    It's possible indeed.

    Some tools like Rufus, depending on the settings, either do a BIOS bootable or a UEFI bootable, not both.
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    Re: looking for free email service

    Yes, that's a given even with vanilla Android running the most basic Google services, no need for additional apps.
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    [Zorin] Re: Can't Copy Files From Live DVD

    Yes, something can be done, but I just realized you're the same person from this thread and I don't have the slightest desire of engaging in another round.
    So, I'll leave you with the experts.

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    [Zorin] Re: Can't Copy Files From Live DVD

    But you are not that user when running a live session and that's the problem.
    I'm not sure you actually understand permissions.
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