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  1. Re: Random geeky t-shirts seen out in public

    Codename - completely offtopic...but I bow to your Beans...I can't wait until I have posted enough to have Chocolate-Covered Ubuntu Beans.

  2. Random geeky t-shirts seen out in public

    As I got on the bus yesterday, headed back towards suburbia from downtown, I saw a pleasantly geeky sight - a t-shirt that warmed me all the way to the tips of my toes, and I grinned the entire way...
  3. Re: Where will physical meetings take place?

    *cough* I know of the latter TIES, but not of the former answer to the second posters question. Hi! I'm using linux too.


    That being said. Given that I live down in...
  4. Re: world of warcraft; i needs me some help

    Have you looked at the tweaks and installation guide found at

    There was also a *beautiful* walk through along with...
  5. Re: Question about Davka Platinum 6 (Hebrew Word Processing software)

    Thanks! I'll send this info on to him!

    I've also contacted Davka to see if I can get a review copy of the software to see if I can see how it works under the most recent version of wine and update...
  6. Question about Davka Platinum 6 (Hebrew Word Processing software)


    I'm writing on behalf of a coworker who is interested in seeing if such support exists. His wife uses Davka Platinum 6 in Windows, and is looking to see if it's possible to use it in linux...
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    Re: wine and WoW 2.2 patch voice chat?


    My housemate has this same issue in Windows, so it may not entirely be a linux issue. That being said, I used her headset when testing and found that I had lower volume, which went away...
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    Re: Who's running Gutsy?

    I am. :) I finally managed to update my laptop from Dapper Drake (yikes) to Gutsy, switching from Ubuntu to Xubuntu in the process as it's an older Sony Vaio with only a 5.5G hard drive. I was...
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