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  1. Re: Virtualbox crashes host on Ubuntu 12.10 64bit

    whats wrong with installing the version from oracle?

    im just curious, mainly. i do not have an immediate solution.
  2. Re: Issues with KVM on fresh install of 12.10 64bit

    i jumped into the IRC channel and "compdoc" helped me troubleshoot a bit. i ended up doing this:

    i used "sudo cat /etc/group | grep kvm" and "sudo cat /etc/group | grep qemu" and "sudo cat...
  3. Issues with KVM on fresh install of 12.10 64bit

    I have a fresh install of 12.10 64bit, with a 6 core AMD CPU (see my lshw).

    i am running into a problem trying to use virt-manager, here is a screenshot:

    here is...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Saving streaming flash video from website

    1. install firefox
    2. install grease monkey
    3. go to userscripts website and find appropriate script
    4. download video clip

    5. or perhaps pm me the link to the video and i will get it for you
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    [ubuntu] Dell Latitude D620 - Random Freezes

    hello all,

    my dell latitude D620 randomly freezes at times. sometimes it can be on for days and its fine, when sometimes it will freeze every 10 mins. playing games, doing word editing or browsing...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Youtube multi-distro problem.

    yeah, if youve completed hardware testing on your card, and it all turned out fine, then i would blame youtube.

    have you tried other sites similar to youtube? google video, metacafe, college...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Youtube multi-distro problem.

    this sounds like it could be hardware related.

    perhaps it was working in the past, but now your hardware is malfunctioning causing issues now.

    does it have the same problem with other websites...
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    [SOLVED] Re: How to install pre-compiled binary??

    i just ended up logging in as root and copying the spark folder (with the pre-compiled binary inside) to the /opt/ directory. then i edited the applications menu and added a custom icon, works great!
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    [SOLVED] How to install pre-compiled binary??

    Ive used linux before and have somewhat of a general sense of how to do VERY BASIC things in linux. but...

    I use an xmpp client called Spark for work. I would rather use a different client, but i...
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