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  1. [ubuntu] Internal errors, appears that soundcard and airport card aren't recognized

    I know, this is my third post in under an hour. However, my problem is evolving.

    Before, I had posted about my sound not working and a red light in my headphone jack, and also my keyboard not...
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    [ubuntu] Keyboard doesn't work MacBook Pro 3,1

    As of today, when I boot into Ubuntu (i'm dual-booting Mountain Lion and Ubuntu 12.04) on my MacBook Pro 3,1 my keyboard doesn't work at all. It's not a problem with the text field, though, because I...
  3. [ubuntu] No sound in speakers or headphones, red light in headphone jack (MacBook Pro 3,1)

    I had posted about a similar problem to this before, on my previous laptop here, which was a MacBook Pro 2,1. However, I got a new laptop recently which is a MacBook Pro 3,1. I'm dual-booting Ubuntu...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Trying to install on a powerbook G4

    How are you installing it? Are you single-booting, dual-booting, or installing as a virtual machine? I don't know if I can help with this post, but that information might help others.

    Good luck :)
  5. [ubuntu] MacBook Pro Headphone Jack Red Light (Speakers work, headphones muted)

    Already been asked I think, but the answers are all in slightly different contexts from mine. MacBook Pro 2007 17". My speakers work fine, but my headphone jack has the red light on in it and the...
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