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  1. Re: Acer Aspire E1-571 does not like Ubuntu?

    hmm.. Is it even trying to boot from the DVD/USB drive? or does it just go straight to the harddrive?
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    [other] Re: Best DE for maximum screen space?

    I would say a tiling window manager like Xmonad or Awesome. If you want to focus on your current tasks and nothing else, they are really the way to go
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    [ubuntu] Re: Not sure what to try next

    When using unetbootin, did you get the error when creating the USB-boot or when trying to boot from usb?
  4. [lubuntu] Re: lxde cannot install some programs

    Hmm.. Haven't heard of that before..

    Have you tried running this from a terminal?

    sudo ./PACKAGE.DEB

    Obviously you will have to direct your terminal to the folder where your .deb is located...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Two Gazelle Ultras for Sale

    not exactly cheap, are they ?
  6. Re: Ubuntu first time user questions

    you could try press ALT-F2 and type in ati-driver or maybe catalyst to see if the name shows up, and if it does just hit enter and it should open.

    by the way, have you look in system -->...
  7. Poll: Re: What is your age and what do you use ubuntu for?

    18 and use ubuntu for surf, school work, music, movie, games, web design, and alot of other stuff
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