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  1. Re: Making EVERYTHING of Compiz + Emerald work on Xubuntu 11.04

    I have the same problem on Kubuntu 11.10

    error: too many arguments to function ‘decor_quads_to_property’
    error: ‘PROP_HEADER_SIZE’ undeclared (first use in this function)
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    [kde] Re: kdesvn context menu in krusader

    I know its an old post but just in case someone stumble upon this.

    This may help
  3. [ubuntu] install ubuntu on partitioned HDD (ntfs)


    I have 2 hdd the first one is Vista and 2nd is without a OS [2 partitions ntfs].

    Partition 1 is empty and i want to put Ubuntu on it, but the second partition is full and i cant...
  4. [all variants] Fujitsu Siemens Amilo L1300 - laptop and ubuntu


    For the past 3 days im entusiasticly trying to migrate from WinXP to Linux.
    I tired OpenSuse 11.1 KDE and find it to difical and annoying .. then I tried Kubuntu 9.04 and it was much better...
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