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  1. Any discussion on localization of dates, decimal points etc?

    Hi all,

    Is this the right place to discuss the policy on language-related formattings such as date, time and decimal point?

    The usual policy in Ubuntu (with Gnome at least) seems to be that...
  2. [edubuntu] Some update around Jan 16, 2013, broke ExtremeTuxRacer?


    Around the 16th of January, 2013, something happened to my system that broke Extreme Tux Racer (etracer) so that re-installation of the program didn't help. I assume that the problem came with...
  3. [edubuntu] Re: Non-orange color theme to Ubuntu/Edubuntu 12.04.1 possible?

    Yes! I found the solution: The difference was that the interfaces of Firefox and Thunderbird are based on GTK+ 2 (unlike the other group of programs that were based on GTK+ 3), so I had to modified...
  4. [edubuntu] Re: Non-orange color theme to Ubuntu/Edubuntu 12.04.1 possible?

    Thank you for the link! However, I already have made so much progress in customizing this system that I think I'll want to keep it... Just one major problem remains:
    . . . The applications:...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: How can I change the Launcher background color?

    Uh-oh, I noticed it is a problematic tool... My mistake was to click "Restore default settings" or something to that effect, resulting in a system where I can't move any Windows, even though I...
  6. [edubuntu] Non-orange color theme to Ubuntu/Edubuntu 12.04.1 possible?


    I noticed that you can change the background picture/color and the color of window headers in Ubuntu 12.04.1 but I have been unable to change the color of folders, highlighted items etc to...
  7. Internet telephony (VOIP) without login? Decentralized, that is.


    I'm looking for an internet telephony program that is completely peer-to-peer so that no central server is needed even for initial connection and, therefore, no login is needed.

    I know that...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Trouble with installation

    Then there is also Lubuntu, allegedly more lightweight than Xubuntu. See for some comments.
  9. [ubuntu] Re: 12.04: Graphics not working, only console coming at the time of boot

    Well, if Cairo Dock is to blame, I suppose you should try to uninstall it--unless someone has better ideas. Based on what I found on page...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Totally messed up VLC... DOH!!!

    ... And if you still need to download some missing dependency manually, you can download specific packages from, and then use dpkg (or perhaps something apt-based) to install...
  11. Links to key resources to


    I've been thinking... why is it so difficult to find the important ubuntu-related links from -- the first contact point for many people that are new to Ubuntu?

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    [ubuntu] Re: Graphics Driver

    Well, at first 32 bits was the standard and 64 was experimental but I assume that the balance is constantly shifting toward 64 bits in terms of driver availability, support for different formats etc....
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    [all variants] Re: Separating frames from video

    Thanks! Avidemux looks like a handy tool for the job.

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    [all variants] Separating frames from video


    Can anyone hint a program suitable for separating individual frames from a video stream? Thanks..

  15. [SOLVED] Re: Changing display resolution from commandline

    It seems that the xrandr utility solves the problem.
  16. [SOLVED] Changing display resolution from commandline


    I'd like to change display resolution by using shell command(s). Normally I change it via gnome-display-properties, but that program is interactive and I'd prefer to do it from a script.
  17. [ubuntu] Preventing automatic mounting & password remembering


    I created another partition in addition to my regular system partition and installed another version of Ubuntu to the new one. When booted from this old one (regular system partition), the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Program for burning data DVDs?

    Alright, thanks for your input, guys! I installed Brasero and will try it at the next suitable opportunity.

    Mm, I guess DVD+-RW discs are not as common as DVD-Rs, and so operations on them may...
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    [ubuntu] Program for burning data DVDs?

    Dear All,

    Sorry if this is a bit off-topic for Multimedia & Video, but:

    Which program would you recommend for burning data DVD+RW or DVD-RW discs? I have tried K3B as well as the built-in DVD...
  20. [all variants] Any fundamental differences in Ubuntu and Edubuntu?


    I've been using Edubuntu so far and now I'm wondering if my next release of Ubuntu should actually be Ubuntu or Edubuntu. I've used some educational programs but then again I don't see why...
  21. Finding out program versions in a release


    You may sometimes wonder if the newest Ubuntu release contains a certain version of an application, like "Hmm, my present Ubuntu has OpenOffice 2.2. I wonder if Hardy has the new 2.4 already?"...
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    [ubuntu] Re: LTS Releases & Program Updates

    Hi. I believe he meant that if all versions were LTS versions (that is: a version with 3 years of update service were released every half a year), then the Ubuntu maintainers would have too many...
  23. Improving "man" command's configuration

    Hi everyone,

    In my experience it is problematic for inexperienced users that the "man" command only shows the first matching man page. For example, if you write "man printf", you will only see the...
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