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  1. Re: Websites to keep myself updated on smartphones/mobile OS's

    I use
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    Re: where is terminal on Android phones ..?

    A good place for all things android (including how to root various 'phones) is
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    Re: Who is your favorite philosopher?

    Wittgenstein (closely followed by Spinoza)
  4. Re: Has someone a link to BLOOMBERG TV internet stream ?

    There is a bit of a 'how to' in the multimedia forum (search for bloomburgh), but I never got it to work properly. Livestation has the bloomburgh channel and works quite well.
  5. [ubuntu] Re: [SOLVED] How to watch BloombergTV in VLC or Mplayer

    Thanks for this - a nice piece of work. I tried and failed to do this several months ago. I have been using zattoo instead, but 2 days ago it removed bloomburg from its schedule so I was back on the...
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    Re: Fully Open Source VoIP Solution?

    Maybe have a look at, it's forum has boards on both openser (a sip server), asterisk, and trixbox (an asterisk based server). There is plenty of info about sip clients etc. as well
  7. Poll: Re: Learning a New Language: Need advise

    I work with hindoos. They mostly speak gujarati. I'm off to work now so will ask them, and let you know what they say when I get back (in about 8 hours).
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