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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Wireless problem in acer aspire one mini laptop

    It works for me!

    So cant really argue with it.

    If I did not have an acer net book then I would probably agree that it was bull
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    [ubuntu] Re: make a bootable USB - Dynamic

    Is a Linux operating system on USB (Linux puppy) and it works fine no drive required
    I use this on acer net book which has a dead drive.

    You can take the USB with you and...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Wireless problem in acer aspire one mini laptop

    Try using mac puppy USB to see if that finds it

    Using macpuppy on acer one net book
    The wifi on the net book can be a bit awkward at times (stop for no reason then not work...
  4. Re: Post the most dumb computer mistake you have ever seen or done

    I superglued my heat sink to processor and after 2 Newcastle browns mixed up my power connectors on the mother board not a good night it started to smoke.

    The moral don't abuse glue or alcohol -...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Setting up WD My Book Live

    Assuming your router has similar ip address

    Change 105 to 100, 101, 102 ......etc until GUI comes on in the browser

    Assuming its plugged in to the router

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    [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu - Wubi- Does not Uninstalll

    W drive seems like you have far too many version of windows on

    time for a late spring clean. Copy document folders into a free partition or USB

    Reinstall windows on C: it will keep a copy of...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Setting up WD My Book Live

    Try going into set up on windows For the wd I am sure I called my workgroup Retchid the same as my Ubuntu log on. - although I did get access through another Ubuntu computer with a different profile...
  8. Re: Out of patience with Ubuntu; help me pick my new OS?

    Actually using xfce desktop on mac pup (Linux puppy)
    Songbird seems to be good music prog as well (but that's an aside)

    Compiz works as well if you like that kind of thing

    P.s. my iPad is...
  9. Re: Out of patience with Ubuntu; help me pick my new OS?

    really macpup is a very good option (I do mean option as you dont have to install anything at all just use when you get fed up of your installed system) oh and boots in 30 seconds after initial set...
  10. Re: Out of patience with Ubuntu; help me pick my new OS?

    I have opensuse KDE dual bootever since Unity came out last year - very stable and will not be changing it ever on main pc

    for knackered net book (dead drive) I use macpup (linux puppy) on USB -...
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    [lubuntu] Re: From PC to OSX to Ubuntu

    if you want a system that you can just run off USB without installing on your hard drive
    download unetbootin
    go to linux puppy site
    download puppy 5.28 ISO
    install puppy iso to usb using net...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Acer Aspire One Ubuntu Installation

    use unetbootin
    download linux puppy 5.28
    put on usb
    and of course boot from usb

    30 seconds bootup everytime no matter what you put on it

    how brill is that system

    ssd drive is dying now...
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    Re: I hate Unity

    Thanks for Tint2 Just what I needed

    the right click seems to be by design to close the window/prog your finished with
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Does 11.4 installable on Acer Aspire One ZG5?

    old post but

    11.10 also works out

    of the box no probs

    SSD version
  15. [SOLVED] Re: 11.10 - Decrease launcher icon size? Increase number of Workspaces?

    install compizconfig settings manager in the software centre


    in Dash (search)type cc and select compizconfig program

    compiz will open

    select desktop
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    Re: My opinion of Ubuntu 11.10.

    By slow I mean slower than opensuse and slower than it was when using 11.04 - slower start slower cache - chromium faster start faster cache

    It's all relative when you get used to a certain speed...
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    Re: My opinion of Ubuntu 11.10.

    upgrade to 11.04 then upgrade to 11.10
    makes sense - I had no problems upgrading from 11.04 to 11.10 (although did take more than 2 hours)

    you wont like the 11.04 experience one bit though
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    Re: My opinion of Ubuntu 11.10.

    I hated 11.04 slow buggy plain awful (so bad installed opensuse kde on all my machines)

    11.10 fast,noticeably slicker no bugs, reasonably easy to fathom

    Only irritation firefox is slower but...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Linux and Firefox problem - HELP!

    install chrome (cromium) from the software centre

    you will then have option to use chrome when firefox locks up
    and then
    upgrade firefox that may get rid of the problem

    or uninstall...
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    Re: running 10.10 netbook - is 11.10 doable?

    using acer aspire one

    11.10 no problem (upgrade from 11.04)

    note - chrome works faster than firefox on this machine

    no problems so far

    doesn't seem to be a classic option but I can...
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    [ubuntu] Re: essential programs...

    I have acer one ssd version 8gb ssd and 8gb sd card version

    take all docs vids and music out of your home folders and put on sd card

    That way you dont need to uninstall anything and you will...
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    Re: Best "Must Install" Stuff for Ubuntu 11.10

    Chrome (even though I,m not a fan)its faster than firefox by a mile
    Clementine music player
    minitunes music player
    smplayer for vids (even though always used VLC in the past)
    Thunar file manager...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Decent music player in Ubuntu/Linux?

    Clementine if you have a lot of mp3s

    minitunes is good for on the fly plays

    have both installed and use both

    Banshee - no way
    Amarok - too slow to start
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    [all variants] Re: ubuntu 11.04 and netbooks

    aspire one netbook ssd version

    opensuse KDE super fast
    ubuntu 11.10 no probs so far (after a few days use)
    (ubuntu 11.04 caused no end of boot up problems after simple shutdowns)
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    [SOLVED] Re: Acer Aspire One Internet

    sometimes mine does not recognise the ssd drive I turn it over and slap it (serious)works every time

    1. give it a slap
    2. reinstall
    3. buy a usb wifi
    4. plug it into the modem/router
    5. bin it...
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