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    [ubuntu] Re: Transmission not using VPN connection

    On the server I did:

    sudo route add default dev tun0

    This seems to have solved this issue and all traffic is now being routed by via the vpn.
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    [ubuntu] Transmission not using VPN connection


    I have a server at home running Ubuntu 12.04 for the purpose of downloading via transmission-daemon.
    My home server is connected to my VPN provider via openVPN.
    ifconfig shows RX bytes for...
  3. [other] Emerald Theme conflicts vmware player maximise


    I am using Ubuntu Hardy Heron, and vmware player 2.0.5 build-109488. I am using an emerald theme on my gnome desktop called Linux is Not Mac. I have vmware tools installed in a virtual...
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    [other] Can't remotely access my computer.

    Using Ubuntu Hardy Heron.
    D-Link DI - 524 Router
    Linksys Am200 Router
    Intel 82566DC Gigabit Network Card

    Web browsing and e-mails work completely fine.
    Torrent's are very slow, a few kb's a...
  5. [gnome] Re: VLC Media Player will not minmize in "Skins 2" Interface

    I'm afraid not. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next release...
  6. [other] XWinWrap Disables Screen Saver and Power Management Options

    Ubuntu Hardy Heron

    I'm using XWinWrap to play a HD video loop through mplayer as my Desktop Wallpaper. It looks great, but my computer won't go sleep or turn off the display after a specified...
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    [other] vmware - remove the top toolbar

    okay so I know this is just being fussy, but is there a way to get rid of the toolbar at the top of the window, NOT when its maximised, I mean theres two menu's "Devices" and "Player" in the top left...
  8. [ubuntu] Video colour randomly inverts on multiple playback applications

    This is a weird one.

    Videos all play fine for a while, in both totem and vlc. Then for no apparent reason the color inverts or something, because people look blue and stuff. From the time it...
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    [gnome] [SOLVED] Change Gnome Panel Menu Bar Icon

    There's a rather ugly icon to the left of "Applications" in the gnome panel menu bar applet. Is there anyway to change this icon. I'm guessing there must be because when I change the system theme,...
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    [other] Make video open in new window in vlc??

    When i open a video in vlc I would like it to be shown in its own "minimalistic" window like on the top right hand side of the home page .

    How do i do this?
  11. [gnome] VLC Media Player will not minmize in "Skins 2" Interface

    Running Ubuntu Hard Heron (gnome)...
    VLC media player 0.8.6e Janus

    Pretty self explanatory. Whenever I hit the minimize button the vlc media player window simply won't minimize. I've tried...
  12. [other] [SOLVED] Offline messaging in pigin messenger

    is there anyway to send message while "invisible". I used to be able to do this on windows live messenger.

    also send IM to other people who are "invisible"
    again i used to be able to do this on...
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    [ubuntu] Ubuntu DVD image organiser?

    I copy all my dvd movies to the computer as image files. Is there any application which organises them all, with stuff like title, year... a nice cover image would be good??
  14. [ubuntu] Cannot remotely connect to my computer (with ftp)

    I'm running Hardy Heron (64-bit), linksys am200 modem, DI-523 (d-link) router. I'm connected by wire to the router.

    When i do: ftp <myipadress> (i got my ip address from
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Router has suddenly decided to stop ubuntu from connecting to it

    i reinstalled ubuntu n its all working...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Router has suddenly decided to stop ubuntu from connecting to it

    Jonas are your running a 64-bit version of Ubuntu? i don't know if that could make a difference.

    The problem i had with wireless first was that it couldn't detect channel 12, so i changed it to...
  17. [ubuntu] Router has suddenly decided to stop ubuntu from connecting to it

    I'm running Ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron in a dual boot with vista (ew). Using a dlink DI-524 router, linksys wmp54g wirelesss card.

    Both wireless and wired connections from the computer to the router...
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