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    Re: Elementary OS stuck at booting

    Hi, did you have an internet connection while installing? I had trouble with GRUB installation as I didn't have an internet connection and had to end up using a wired connection until it all...
  2. Dual boot Ubuntu and Elementary OS help please!


    So, the laptop I have has a 32GB SSD and a 750GB HDD. I have Ubuntu installed on the SSD and I use the HDD as storage. I set up another partition on the SSD to install Elementary OS. Now...
  3. [SOLVED] Re: WiFi keeps prompting for password and won't connect.

    Thanks for your reply. While waiting for reply I was googling around and found a program called Wicd. I used that to try to connect but it was getting stuck at "Validating Authentication". So I...
  4. [SOLVED] WiFi keeps prompting for password and won't connect.

    Hello people,

    I'm new here and still quite a newbie to Ubuntu and would really appreciate some help. Anyway, I have not had any trouble what so ever with my WiFi before and it's always worked fine...
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