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  1. Re: উবুন্টু ১২.০৪ ইনস্টলেশন - কিছু সমস্যা

    You need to select the disk from BIOS menu to access Ubuntu installation I guess. (Sorry for English reply, I can't use Bangla here). To access the bios boot device selection menu, most of the time...
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    [SOLVED] Re: ZTE AX226 WiMAX Modem driver required

    You can get detailed instruction here

    Here is a success story also :...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Banglalion Dongle usb modem not connect in Ubuntu 10

    Banglalion introduces new device ZTE AX226 Modem. I successfully modeswitched this device from 19d2:bccd to 19d2:0172 which is a modem.But the driver is not ready yet. I found a solution in this...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Banglalion Dongle usb modem not connect in Ubuntu 10

    I have got a solution to this problem. In this russian forum, But I cannot try this now
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    Sticky: Re: Desktop Hardware Incompatibility List.

    ZTE AX226 Wimax Modem

    ZTE AX226 WiMAX Modem not working in ubuntu. Successfully ModeSwitched from device 19d2:bccd to 19d2:0172 Which is a modem.
    But the modem isn't working in ubuntu.:(

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    [SOLVED] ZTE AX226 WiMAX Modem driver required

    I am a Banglalion user( A Bangladeshi Wimax Provider ). I am using ZTE AX226 Modem which works great on windows. but I didn't work on ubuntu or linux. though I successfully modeswitched this device...
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