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    [ubuntu] Re: Can't login to phpmyadmin

    By default phpmyadmin prevents the use of a blank password for logging in. Change the password in mysql and you should be dandy. It's recommended to change the password anyways for security reasons...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Beginner's FTP server advice for Jaunty

    I believe your best bet is to use sftp. SFTP is the encrypted ways of FTP and is the most secure. It's horridly easy from the get go and requires no configuration out of the box. This is as easy...
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    [ubuntu] Re: How to install Wireless Card WNC-0301

    Here's a guide to using ndiswrapper, which you'll need to do with your card.

    If you don't have access to drivers, or they may be outdated, check out...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: "connect" button is greyed out, can't click it to connect to wifi

    I could be completely wrong on this, but try it out if you can. I think there is a minimum length requirement for WPA key's for the connection manager. If your key is as short as it is, I think I...
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    [other] Re: Need Special Web Radio App

    Ever heard of Pandora?

    It is not exactly what you are looking for. But it is an Internet Radio that lets you create your own stations to listen to music similar to what artists...
  6. Re: Quick Ubuntu Related Poll For College Class

    Do you use Ubuntu? Yes, and right now specifically Fluxbuntu.

    What was your first Ubuntu release? Breezy

    Why did you choose Ubuntu? Simple to set up, plenty of people here to ask questions for...
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    Re: A good reason not to buy from Dell

    Are serious dude?! Now a question; What happens if you just cut these wires/get rid of this little device... I have the same laptop. My trust in Dell has been dwindling for awhile now, this is...
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    Re: a rather wierd queer problem.

    I think this is the command to find out if 3D acceleration is working,,,not sure though:
    glxinfo | grep rendering
  9. Re: Breezy Multiverse not working for me!

    The only thing that I would be able to tell you is to make sure the following two lines are in the sources.list file.
    deb breezy-backports main restricted...
  10. Re: Ubuntu Document Storage is inaccessible

    As of 12:37 PM on the easternside of this here US, it doesn't seem to be working today. I was hoping it would, I like to do little "projects" on my computer and those docs help out emensly....
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    Re: Quote of the day

    "There are some things in life that people want that they don't need, yet there are things people need that they don't want." - DJ Scribblinni
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