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    [other] Re: Sound Problems: Dell Inspiron 1525

    From somewhere else on this site...

    Right click the speaker on the status bar

    Select Open Volume Control

    Select preferences pushbutton

    check the Front box
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    [ubuntu] Re: My new PC - a little disappointed...

    conez, this may be totally useless, but, I had this experience recently, and it's so Microsoftish, I really hate to admit it worked, but after having an install lose my desktop entirely, and after...
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    [ubuntu] Re: iPod Issues making me go nuts

    STOP - You are going way too far. I believe your question really involves editing tags (can be done in Rythmbox Music Listing tab, not directly on the iPod view), not deleting the files. Selected...
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    [gnome] Re: Syncing iPod Nano 8G

    My 16GB new iPod Nano is also working fine, but there is no sync I can find. I will admit, my first light off with the Nano was on a Windows machine, after that, no issues at all.

    Drag and drop...
  5. Re: Can Anyone Confirm this? (iTunes, iPod touch)

    I don't have the same iPod functionality, but Rythmbox works fine for manually syncing, and it allows me to track chenges in the preferences, so it effectively doesn't take long to manually sync.
  6. [ubuntu] Re: New Installation of Ubuntu on laptop, wireless/internet connectivity assistance

    I checked it again, because it was harder to set up this time. Still, eventually, I kept bouncing back and forth between it and network tools so I could ping the router ( on most...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: New Installation of Ubuntu on laptop, wireless/internet connectivity assistance

    I merely went to administration, found the networking tab, followed it, finally got my security setup correct, and it picked up the wireless right away.

    System - Administration - Networking...
  8. Re: What did Ubuntu use to write these awsome forums?

    maybe out of line but Vb when initailly released, made commercial BB software affordable.

    That also spoke worlds for keeping a product from being back channeled. When you get licensed great...
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    Poll: Re: Why I'd love to use Linux (but can't?)

    I don't agree at all that Linux distributions for years are any more HD unsafe than anything Redmond has put out. Remember XP SP2 and the Oh yeah, IF you happen to have a Compaq PC, it might just...
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