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    Poll: Re: Usb controller vs. keyboard and mouse!

    It depends on the game. If it's an FPS like TF2 or even Portal, keyboard and mouse work fine. But if you're playing like a platformer (2D or 3D), or using any emulators, a controller is pretty much...
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    Re: Global button layout for PS2 gamepad

    Jscal is a tool that you can use to change around the buttons. See this thread (some of it is unrelated unless you're playing SMB, but there's some helpful posts):...
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    Re: Minesweeper - Java

    Works well, good job :)
  4. Re: Would it be possible to dual boot ubuntu and android?

    It's theoretically possible, using the x86 port of Android. You would likely have issues finding drivers for all your hardware though. I think you'd be better off running it in Virtualbox, the...
  5. Re: Opera Is Dead, Desktop Browser Replaced with Chromium, WebKit on Mobile

    That's too bad, Opera uses WAY less RAM than Firefox and Chrome do. As fast as Chrome is on a modern computer, it's a RAM hog. When using very old computers with little RAM, Opera runs significantly...
  6. Thread: Emulators

    by doorknob60

    Re: Emulators

    N64: Mupen64plus. If you want a GUI, try m64py
    SNES: Try Snes9x (with the GTK interface, not sure if it's separate or bundled in Ubuntu repos). Another good one is Zsnes.
    GBA: VBA-M...
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    Re: Microsoft to release Office for Linux ?

    Exactly. I use LO Writer all the time, and it works great. I submit assignments as PDF and all is well. Even on the accasion I need to handle with .doc or .docx, it's usually fine. With Powerpoint...
  8. Re: Must have CLI apps compared to GUI alternatives

    ffmpeg - better than any of the GUIs that exist to convert videos and such. Just so much more powerful and less buggy.
    youtube-dl - best way to download videos from Youtube. Period.
    pacman - Arch...
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    Re: Microsoft to release Office for Linux ?

    Being a college student, I'd definitely consider buying it, as long as I get a decent student discount, and it's not that subscription crap. Don't know if I would or not (LibreOffice works pretty...
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    Re: Old Mupen64Plus Interface

    The only interface I found that actually seems usable (I've tried a lot of them) is M64py . It's still probably not as good as the old interface, but it works pretty...
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    Poll: Re: Who still wants Physical Media?

    I want them to stick around for video games. I don't mind digital game purchases when they're smaller indie games or similar, or are priced below $20. But if I'm going to spend $60 on a brand new...
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    Re: running Ubuntu can brick your laptop

    Dang, that's serious. I have a Samsung laptop, but it's pre UEFI (came with Windows 7, bought it in August last year). It's a well built machine for what I paid for it, and it runs flawlessly with...
  13. Re: Which is better: AMD Athlon 64 processor 3800+ or Pentium 4?

    From what I read, all 64 bit AMD processors support SSE2, so that one should be fine. I just did a quick Google though, so I can't be positive.
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    Re: Game recorder (Recommendations)

    The most technically similar to Fraps is GLC, but it can be finicky to work with. It will probably work, but you'll have to mess with it until you get the right results.
    Here's the site:...
  15. Re: 4x1gb ddr PC3200 registered ecc memory for which motherboards?

    It will probably work in most DDR motherboards (EDIT: well, maybe not) (that have the same no. of pins, like not desktop memory in a laptop), but probably not all of them (you'd need to look at the...
  16. Re: "Rolling releases" instead of a new Ubuntu every 6 months?

    As long as they keep the LTS versions for stable, mostly unchanging releases for businesses and other places that don't want to worry about constant updates, I'm all for this. As long as they test...
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    Re: I want to build a laptop, any advice?

    I hope you mean $1000, because $100 isn't gonna happen :P Either way, building laptops is not something commonly done, and I honestly wouldn't know where to start. Maybe a more specialized retailer...
  18. Re: Valve starts promoting Steam for Linux to Windows users

    Lol, I never thought my screenshot would spread this far. I was quite surprised when I ran into this though, it was pretty cool.
  19. Re: Whats the best format to encode music in today?

    This is assuming you don't have the space or desire to store lossless FLACs. Use OGG if the devices you want to use it with support it. If you rely on Apple products that refuse to support open...
  20. Re: Could a digital camera and OCR software replace a document scanner

    Theoretically, you certainly could. OCR programs simply take inputs from image files. Whether that's from a camera or a scanner makes no difference to the program. However, you would need to make...
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    Poll: Re: How old is your main home PC in 2013

    You know you're a nerd when the answer to this question is "uhh...well...that depends." My motherboard is maybe about 2 years old, not sure exactly. See my signature for my specs. I also have a...
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    Re: Warning Redbox Instant

    Or just use HDCP. But yeah, there are still many ways around it. I'm not saying they need to provide mp4s for everyone (but that would be nice), but they need to provide DRM in a way that does not...
  23. Re: Possible to play an iPhone/iPod/iPad app on Windows?

    I don't think it's possible. You can do Android apps though, with Bluestacks (or the Android SDK, or an x86 version of Android through Virtualbox or similar).
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    Re: Gamecube and wii games to recommend?

    Nah, those games are great! The GC and N64 ones at least. Super Paper Mario isn't as bad as some say, but it's way different, and I haven't played Sticker Star, but I love the first two :D
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    Re: Gamecube and wii games to recommend?

    I recommend the 3 Zelda games: Twilight Princess (Wii/GC), Skyward Sword (Wii), and Wind Waker (GC). Also, the Super Mario Galaxy games are great. Also, Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door is a great...
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