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  1. [ubuntu] Same problem

    I have the same problem, but with a different printer, in my case a Phaser 3300 MFP.

    As long as I unplug/replug it for every job, it works fine.

    I know if it needs to be unplugged because...
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    [ubuntu] Re: USB devices not detected on startup

    I have the same problem. If I unplug my USB devices and plug them in again, they are detected.
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    [ubuntu] Ubuntu updates destroy boot directory

    I'm requesting speculation here.
    Very often if I allow update manager to install new updates, my computer fails to mount the boot directory and cannot be fixed (at least by me!).
    Recently updates...
  4. Re: HOWTO: enable 3d acceleration w/ Rage Mobility (mach64)

    Thanks for all the work on this.
    Unfortunately, I still can't get 3d acceleration working with my ATI Technologies Inc Rage Mobility P/M AGP 2x.
    I installed oasic's deb package, and have the...
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