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  1. [ubuntu] Re: How to force VSYNC off using Radeon (Open-source) driver?

    Same question, I wonder how to disable vsync on mesa open source driver system wide. In my case vsync lowers the performance and I also can't make fps tests like that.
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    [all variants] Pulseaudio qpaeq sound problems

    Hello community, I've decided to try out to install pulseaudio eqaulizer, following instructions from here
    However, when I...
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    Re: Ati Drivers and Raring Ringtail

    I have bought my laptop 3 years ago, I have 4570 card, and now it's support is gone. I also have geforce 6600 gt on my home pc, NVIDIA still supports it with new drivers. I guess it's obvious what to...
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    [all variants] apt-get update/upgrade

    Hello community! I'd love to ask if it is possibile to run apt-get update and upgrade without password prompt, in other words, I want to make anyone be able to install security updates on my machine,...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: NetworkManager Infrastructure Hotspot (not ad-hoc)?

    found a solution
  6. Re: Creating a Wifi hotspot other than adhoc to connect to android.its keep connectin

    guide how to
  7. [ubuntu] Re: NetworkManager Infrastructure Hotspot (not ad-hoc)?

    I want to support this thread. Allowing to create an infrastructure hotspot would a really great addition
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    [all variants] Infrastructure hotspot support

    I would like to ask developers, if there are any plans to implement a gui based infrastructure wifi hotspot support like connectify on windows. I am one of the many who uses android devices and they...
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