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  1. Re: Application development javascript

    It does make sense, and you aren't the first to have that idea. You should look into backbone.js or similar client-side Javascript MVC frameworks.
  2. Re: Easiest way to find out the (auto-increment) primary key for an entry in a MySQL

    It's easier than you think. Take a look at this function.
  3. Re: How is html5 is used in webdevelopement ?

    It's becoming increasingly populate to refer to HTML5 as the complete stack of web technologies to build rich internet applications. This technology stack includes the updated HTML markup, CSS3, and...
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    Re: [php] How to use Trim?

    Why not just use a replace to remove the tag?

    $fetched_status = str_replace("#mood", '', $fetched_status);
  5. Re: Somebody Help me - Dell Streak or Samsung Galaxy S (Phone Not Tab)

    And a GPS that doesn't work. If you want to use any apps that use the GPS feature, forget about it. I love my Captivate but the GPS does not lock on, and even when it does it can't hold a signal. ...
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    Re: Samsung Captivate - Galaxy S

    It's a good phone, but if you use any apps that require GPS then you can forget it about. The GPS doesn't work, period, and it doesn't look like Samsung is making any move to fix the problem.

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    Re: CSS question

    Use a CSS reset. Something like this:


    Add other elements you use. The reason for this is that different browsers give elements...
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    Re: What is the best guide?

    I really like Tizag's PHP tutorial
  9. Re: what is the direct URL for this ice-cream flavor page on an ice cream site?

    Um actually the picture goes to the correct page also. Why do you ask?
  10. Re: what is the direct URL for this ice-cream flavor page on an ice cream site?

    Don't click the picture, click the link below the picture.
  11. Poll: Re: Do you work/intend to work in the computer science field?

    I have my bachelors in CS, and I currently do web development as my day-job and as my "make money on the side" job, so I would say that is a 'yes' :)
  12. Re: Shuttleworth: No GNOME Shell by default in 10.10

    The best solution would be to make KDE 4 the primary DE for Ubuntu ;)
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    [ubuntu] Remote GUI login from Windows

    Is there a way to remotely login to a Linux machine from Windows without having to have a session already going? The ideal situation would be to turn the Linux machine on, remotely log in with the...
  14. Re: Which source control should I use with Eclipse?

    Look into Git or Mercurial. Distributed versioning software is fantastic, as opposed to SVN and the like which is centralized. I like Mercurial because it is easier to use than Git, but both are...
  15. Re: EE major, have chance to to work as web-developer for internship

    I would say it can't hurt to have professional experience in more than one field. If you don't have another chance at something more relevant to your degree, I say it's worth a shot.
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    Re: Programmers?

    I program for a living. Since I'm only a year out of college, I haven't had a chance to do any OSS hacking, but I want to eventually.
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    Re: How to access login

    Sorry, what is the purpose of your C++ program? What do you mean by "open up the link to my email?"

    If you want to 'log in' by sending information through a web form, you don't have to go through...
  18. Re: Top 25 Most Dangerous Programming Errors

    I'm surprised the article doesn't say anything about rounding errors in floating point calculations. If I remember correctly, a rounding error caused the loss of a million dollar Mars rover a few...
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    Re: Booooored. Any suggestions?

    You could try installing a tiling window manager and see how that feels. It'll take a while to get used to, but it is interesting after you've tried it a while :)
  20. How powerful does an all-around server need to be?

    I'm interested in purchasing a machine to act as a central server for all of my computer needs. Some things I intend to do with it include:

    Webserver (most likely Apache)
    Host databases...
  21. Re: so i have a pc with no graphics card....

    Try this. Pop the CD in the machine, and boot it, and at the same time, boot the install in a virtual machine. Then you will know exactly what is happening and what you should be doing. Do just...
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    Re: Favorite Programming Languages?

    I use PHP on a daily basis, so I guess that.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can't get samba sharing to work

    It's pretty frustrating that no one can even hazard a guess or give me a clue.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can't get samba sharing to work

    It's similar, but backwards. My Ubuntu PC has the samba server, and I can't open any folders from my Windows PC.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can't get samba sharing to work

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