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  1. [ubuntu] Assign 'back' to left button while keeping tap-click on trackpad?

    In Windows on the laptop, I am accustomed to assigning the left mouse button to the 'back' command (used mainly in the browser and explorer) while maintaining the tap-to-select on the trackpad...
  2. [ubuntu] Use Windows 7 bootloader to load Grub/Ubuntu?

    There are many tutorials regarding how to restore GRUB into the MBR following a Windows install, even how to make a dedicated GRUB partition. However, I have installed Ubuntu after Windows, and I am...
  3. [ubuntu] Help with booting non-Live from a USB flash drive

    I have an 8GB Sandisk Cruzer, which reportedly works just fine booting Linux. It does have U3 still present on one of the partitions, but this should not pose any problems either. I also have a 2GB...
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