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  1. [ubuntu] Netatalk Sharing with OSX only showing Home Directory

    I recently setup a Ubunutu 12.10 server with LAMP, I followed this guide( to install netatalk so i could share some folders...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Blank Monitor after fresh LAMP Server installation

    Thanks for the Reply, I didn't even think about the GPU. What i actually did is just took out the GPU card that was in there and used the native VGA from the Motherboard which works fine.
  3. [ubuntu] Blank Monitor after fresh LAMP Server installation

    I have worked with Ubuntu in the past, this time i am working with the Server Distro and i went through the installation and selected the LAMP server. After it was completed, it booted back up and it...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Access from Win7

    So i have lowered the encrytion and disabled the homegroup. my home network page looks like this.

    "Calvin-Server" being my Ubuntu...
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