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  1. Re: The "This Song Was Stuck in My Head Today" Thread

    Valley of the Damned by Dragon Force
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    Re: What are you running Ubuntu on?

    Toshiba Laptop
    Intrepid AMD64 1.8Ghz
    4 Gb RAM
    120 GB HDD

    Basics. I buy low end and tweak myself and install Linux!!!
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    Poll: Re: thinking of buying an netbook.

    I like HP's mini best. I could do with more than 16 GB SSD, but overall look, design, weight, It's my fav.
  4. Re: What is your killer Windows app/ app you simply can't be without in Linux?

    I hate to admit it b/c the latest version sucks and it's really slow, but iTunes. I have a new iPhone 3G and I need iTunes to backup apps, and to reload new music etc. Other than that, I've never...
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    Re: Getting back into it

    Better support for Wireless support. I spent a lot of time getting my wireless card to work, and it worked sub par at best, and everytime I updated the kernel, it usually stopped working.

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    Re: How many of you completely switched to Linux?

    All my machines have Ubuntu running them. I have XP installed via vbox for the sole purpose of using my iPhone 3G with iTunes. Other than that, just Linux. I did however almost revert the other day...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can't get Blueman 1.0 working..........

    Well after no response, and doing some seperate research, it turns out that my Bluetooth adapter was partly to blame. I purchased a dif. one and it works, but only from within my virtualization....
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can't get Blueman 1.0 working..........

    thanks for the speedy reply, that would explain it. However, I have already done that, and in assuming I was in error, I removed it and tried for v1.0. I followed these instructions from another...
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    Re: what should i do with my new iphone?

    I love my iPhone, however I get a good price break on it for being a Best Buy employee. Mine is jail broken so I have all the greatest app store apps as well as the open source apps. I have open ssh...
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    [ubuntu] Can't get Blueman 1.0 working..........

    I followed the thread on how to get Blueman and then what to do with it there after. I've got the files. Instructions said I could right click and use gDebi installer, however that is not an option....
  11. Re: Why did you switch to Linux/UNIX from Windows/Mac?

    Went to school for Network Admin, I was the only kid in the major with little to no computer knowledge other then basic hardware skills, building and taking apart etc. I had to learn it just to fit...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ad-Hoc Troubles

    I'm not the most Linux savvy, but I think your problem may due to a couple of things.

    A). Linux only sees the iPhone as a camera not a phone with data capabilities
    B). The iPhone doest not...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Flickering video

    VLC and MPlayer work fine now after reading this post. Totem still doesn't though. However it's not choppy video that I'm getting, it's an error "can't determine stream"
  14. [ubuntu] DVD playback is all choppy, can't fix..........

    Disregard, I didn't try hard enough to search for this in the forums and actually found a post that solved my problem!!!
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    [ubuntu] Flash wont't install on XP Pro in vbox

    if this post already exists, I apologize, I did a search first but didn't find anything that seemed related.

    So I'm running 8.10 64bit, vbox 2.0.4 and the guest is WinXP Pro. I'm really only using...
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    [ubuntu] Re: WinXP in Virtual BOX PUEL + iPhone 3G

    Ubuntu 8.10 2.6.27-7 AMD64
    iphone 3G FW 2.1 Jail Broken
    Virtualbox 2.0.4 PUEL

    I used a script from this site after much trial and error following the above instructions. Go to the above...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: [SOLVED] Installed VirtualBox PUEL, followed instructions, still can't access USB

    I followed these instructions word for word literally, like copied and pasted in the terminal. I should mention that I'm running Intrepid 8.10. When type in `sudo gedit /etc/init.d/`...
  18. Re: HOWTO: NTFS with read/write support using ntfs-3g (easy method)

    Worked perfectly for me, just needed a reboot. I'm transferring quite a bit of data as we speak. Thanks for the help
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