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  1. multiple users one machine log in to seperate drives

    i would like to know if this is possible,
    after moving don't have room to run more than 1 computer (each user had own computer)
    want to install 13.10
    want 3 users on same machine running 13.10 ...
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    Re: Dovecot + postfix problem

    dovecot: auth: Fatal: No passdbs specified in configuration file. LOGIN mechanism needs one
    from this error line
    it looks like that you have not set the database file in the dovecot setup
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    [ubuntu] Re: home server

    here is a link that might help
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Postfix can't receive external emails but can send external emails

    have you tried testing from out side your network
    while trying this see what your syslog is saying
    also do you have a firewall between your mail server and the internet
  5. [ubuntu] Re: bind9 - hosting internal records while fwding unknown records to external resolve

    i do what you want, by using view and acls in bind 9
    tried 2 servers and it was too complicated for the small setup i have

    here is a link that i based my bind setup from, i modified to match my...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Something is wrong with Bind9 on Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS

    what is the final results you want. Do you want to have a dns server running
    the resolv.conf is machine based, it is used to configure a machine to point to a proper domain name server.
    I would...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Setting up email server: Webmin, Dovecot, Postfix

    try mx to test your mail server.
    do you have and spam filters in place that might be sending
    your mail to junk
  8. Thread: Bind9

    by confusedstingray

    [ubuntu] Re: Bind9

    do you have dhcp issuing ip's and what dns server is being passed to your clients.
    if you internal dns server is not in the list first the internal query wil time out because it is going pass the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: multiple terminal short cuts

    I'll try it and see, thanks!
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Printer not Communicating with System

    2 things
    the hp's i had, they had to be turn on first them my machine and they worked
    why donít know. turn them on after machine was up trouble,

    also have you tried to set the printer up with...
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    [ubuntu] multiple terminal short cuts

    I monitor many servers
    i would like to have multiple terminal short cuts on my desktop
    that use different icons and different login scripts.
    some specs;
    ubuntu 12.04 desktop
    unity desktop

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    [ubuntu] Re: NAS Setup - Ubuntu or FreeNAS

    I'm running ubuntu 10.04LTS server
    like many people are suggesting using ssh to log in and control it is easy to learn
    i have the server running a media server and file server visible to internal...
  13. Re: HOWTO: Ubuntu internet router: IPTables,DHCP,DNS,& IP Masq

    this tutorial will help you, but look at there is some packaged setups that will make a easy setup, i use pfsense, tried doing it with setting up each service got alot complicated for...
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    [SOLVED] Re: How do I create a file server?

    for video server you may look at twonkymedia or tumb media
    run it from 1 machine and all devices that have upnp and network access can see
    all movies and pictures and music.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Routers, HUBs and IPs mess

    how do you have the d-link wired for your setup you do not need the wan port just use it as a wifi switch.

    it sound like you got 2 subnets 1 from the modem which works with everything up to the...
  16. [lubuntu] Re: need big time help to figure out how to setup outbound mail on my home server

    also depending what you want to do check and on the left side scroll to mail
  17. [lubuntu] Re: need big time help to figure out how to setup outbound mail on my home server

    if you could tell us which mail server your are running this would be a start. it is not that hard.
    from the sounds of it you are using existing email address and you want to receive and send email....
  18. [all variants] Re: Virtual host on ubuntu server 10.04LTS

    to find the model of your mb most (not all) put some model or version by th last pci slot or what ever the type of the last slot is can be ver small writing
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    [ubuntu] Re: DNS Bins serving on 2 nic....

    could i ask what solved the issue, going to be setting up a bind server to serve dns to 3 subnets
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Server for hosting office wiki

    you have to some how add the ip of the server to dns (if you can)
    or change the hosts files on each machine
    eg; ubuntu host file
    the host file is located at /etc/hosts
    them you have to edit...
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    Re: Ubuntu in your community.

    this may not be the right place,
    Does anyone know of a Ubuntu group in the st Catharine's, Welland Ontario Canada
    area, if so where and when doe they meet
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    Re: Ubuntu in your community.

    what about using a lightscripe cutter and burn the ubuntu log on them?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Server Monitoring Script

    forgot you need to put this in your default www directory it up dates at 2omin intervals
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    [ubuntu] Re: Server Monitoring Script

    i have found a web page that i use it is from one of the ubuntu forum members

    !DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">
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    [all variants] router box

    i want to create a linux box to allow 2 static ips from ISP .

    the set up
    have this box be a router to allow dis-allow ports and nat and port forward

    also prevent certain sites from opening...
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