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    [ubuntu] Re: kernel in 8.10 xen enabled "-generic"?

    Yeah okey, I will see if can manage to report this as a bug, but in the meantime, is there a up-to-date feture-wise kernel(2.6.27) for 8.10 that is not xen-enabled that one can install? or is it...
  2. [all variants] Re: 8.10 ( Ibex) Nvidia drivers information

    There are some other problems as well with 8.10 and nvidias binaary drivers...

    I tried to install 177.70 to see if it corrected some problems I got with 177.80(some how this version of the driver...
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    [ubuntu] kernel in 8.10 xen enabled "-generic"? nvidia-driver problems

    Okey, so I did an 'apt-get dist-upgrade' to intrepid after altering my sources-list accodingly, that is replace hardy wit intrepid everywhere.

    Everyting worked nicely, reboort was OK, and so......
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    [ubuntu] Re: Nvidia just won't work! Why, why, why?!

    I have the same problem as someone here in the thread, dont know if it was the starter, guess i jumped in the middle from google :)

    Well, I dont have the buttom for downloading the EDID from one...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Remote Desktop at Startup/Login Screen

    If it's the other way around you look for ie. logging in remotely to the ubuntu-box you need to allow XDMCP in GDM settings.
  6. [ubuntu] Re: [SOLVED] Desktop Settings lost on restart (9800 GTX)

    Just of interest, cus I have(had?) the same problem, what driver version did you use origionally and what did you upgrade to? I have now upgraded to 177.70 and that will work :) havent rebooted yet...
  7. [gnome] slow menuopening with compiz, nvidia, propdriver, 8.04.1

    Ubuntu 8.04.1, nVIDIA binary driver from version, 177.68(beta), 9800GT GPU, Phenom x4 9850 CPU...

    Have a "problem" with the desktop effects in GNOME(compiz). Everything works well, no...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Display settings destroyed after today's kernel update

    I use the NVIDIA-***.run shell script from nvidias site, the installer removes and reinstalls the driver if it is existent, wich it is! the nvidia install scripts see that the driver is already...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Display settings destroyed after today's kernel update

    Have the same problem...

    after a reboot, the xorg log says that the nvidia glx extension can not be loaded(can not be found) wich results in a low screen desktop, however a reinstall of the driver...
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    [ubuntu] Can't find nvidia glx extension?!?


    Ubuntu 8.04.1 nvidia driver 177.67 beta driver from nvidias site...

    I installed the driver, and edited my xorg.conf to use the nvidia module... Reboot, and the system claims it cant...
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    [ubuntu] GA-MA790X-DS4 intergrated osund issue

    Hi all!
    Have done a fresh install of 8.04.1 on this Mobo, and using the intergrated sound-chip, wich worked great with all defaults, HOWEVER I get a annoying static sound in the background(using...
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