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  1. [ubuntu] How to mount encrypted partition on boot.

    I have set up a LUKS encrypted partition that needs to be mounted during the boot process, the system prompts me for the pass code but then doesn't actually mount it.

    When the system starts I have...
  2. Re: Removing FOSS and substituting proprietary hurts developing or expanding nations

    If being a useful tool that the majority can use means giving up your principles why do it?
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    Re: Survey request and comments

    The survey is bizarre - I would only want these apps if they were Open Sourced but there is no option to state this.
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    Re: Grub 2 Title Tweaks Thread

    I'm trying to remove the (on /dev/sda2) string this brain dead piece of crap keeps adding but I searched 10_linux for the string ${DEVICE} and didn't find it. Any ideas?
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    Poll: Re: Once again on Ctrl+Alt+BackSp in Jaunty

    Ubuntu is a distro for new users and those who just want to get on with things. Disabling ctl-alt-backsp is totally sensible for Ubuntu (but not for Fedora / Debian / Gentoo etc).
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    [ubuntu] Re: Reinstalling Ubuntu

    Are you sure it isn't just a Live CD session you are in rather than your actual Ubuntu install? Is there an Install icon on the desktop?
  7. Poll: [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu completely wiped my system -Worst OS ever?

    You should have typed nothing at all until you had thoroughly researched the problem and knew exactly what you were doing.

    2) You told the system to take the contents from one partition and...
  8. Poll: [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu completely wiped my system -Worst OS ever?

    Using dd in a terminal window with sudo privileges is hardly Ubuntu's fault is it ...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Why the delay in versions ?

    I would echo what others have said - you don't want random upgrades breaking your system, stability is good.

    For my Web Development platform I use XAMPP -...
  10. [ubuntu] Today's updates - problems with fonts on certain sites

    After applying today's updates - various Java and Font changes - certain web sites are displaying an out of focus font instead of bold.

    1) Does anyone else see this (sites affected include...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Updates of resolution od Foxconn bug --- from Foxconn FAE Heart Zhang

    Great stuff - well done!
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