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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Errors with clamz and bamz: can't download amz file from Amazon Cloudplayer

    I got the same error, so I filed a bug tonight:

    It probably would be a good idea to confirm the bug, and possibly test the patch...
  2. [kubuntu] Amarok Celebrates Success, Announces Roktober Fundraiser

    October is here in all of its glory! Whether you are seeing the leaves turn or the sun coming back, it is time to celebrate Amarok. We are nearing the year’s end and are ready to sum up our efforts,...
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    Re: List the name of women using Ubuntu

    I think you miss the point, occams_beard. We exist to encourage women to not only use Ubuntu, but to become part of the community. That is important because it makes for a better community. More...
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    Sticky: Re: Announcing Ubuntu Women

    It doesn't matter. Men and women are involved in the project, and have been from the start. If we were "separatist", I agree that that *would be* sexist. So of course, we've been inclusive from day...
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